Introducing Nelly’s New Piece

- By Bossip Staff

At first, people thought Nelly broke off his relationship with Ashanti for Melyssa Ford, but now we hear it was for another video vixen. Pop the hood to find out who.

Apparently, Nelly has been getting some rebound love from model Jessica Rabbit.  Good look Nelly, she’s definitely an upgrade in the banger department.

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  • http://bossip I`ll Talk about what I want to talk about Nucca !


  • num1dominicano

    he’s a fool….Ashanti is better..

  • kkim


  • Listen Closely

    Boo!! At least Ashanti has her own money and a job. What does this girl have other than a big booty?

  • jasmine


  • KeepNit2Real

    oh, on another note…*kicks Ashanti outta the bed too*

    I don’t want no girl who has a unibrow in my bed either.

  • WhatInTheeWorld

    WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I thought they were cute together, I wonder what happened awwwwww.

  • http://msn mzdiva

    ashnati is irv’s and ja rule old meat

    well what is nelly

    he ain’t innocent

    he gets his

    so I guess he’s a slor*ick

  • SugaHoney

    I don’t see how she’s an upgrade, other than her skin being lighter. *eyeroll* She’s gotta a mean overbite. ROFL

  • Marquis de Sade

    Now that’s what I call an UPGRADE!

  • ♥Kami All Day ♥ (Haters give me Promo.....)

    Once again….a man can never be satisfied and/or happy with what he has.

    They always think the grass is greener, only to find out they have a gigh a$$ water bill. LOL


    Look at Tiger.

  • ♥Kami All Day ♥ (Haters give me Promo.....)

    Thats actually one of the girls him and JD raised scholarship money for.


    Lemme guess….she’s a model? *laughing*

  • ♥Kami All Day ♥ (Haters give me Promo.....)


  • http://bossip miss dior

    Ashanti looks much much better than this girl, on top of that she makes her own money…Men.

  • KeepNit2Real

    Nelly was like: “Man, Ashanti was aight…she good in bed…a freak and errythang…btu shawty, why the hell this gurl so hurry I had to take her to the damn BARBERshop to cut the air off her asz?! I kid you not! I had to schedule appointments to get her 10-mile eyebrow waxed erry otha day! Man, that wasn’t cool yo…HAD to step with anotha cutie…but she might be the wifey pick…she got her own money, naw mean?”

  • Choco

    If he is dating Jessica Rabbit he gets what he deserves…

  • Choco

    Anyway why does her azz look like it has rubber bands around her thigh to make her buttocks look bigger—-broads kill me showing the backside honestly they look whorish!

  • Ms.EJ

    I think she is very pretty though I could better see if she had a full front face shot. She has a very nice figure as well. Ashanti and her are equally pretty to me.

  • WHATEVER....

    who the F**k cares!!!

  • Mr.C

    Yall killin me with this make her own money shyt!!! That man got money, so its about other things like who got the best head, who dont get on your nerves! you know things like that. I’m with you Nelly do your thing!

  • eveinthegarden

    Nelly just lost major cool points w/ me. Shoulda stuck with Ashanti.

  • iFeelFree

    too often men are makin stupid decisions like this. i hope this isnt truee. WHO GIVESS UP C.L.A.S.S FOR SUM A.S.S?!?! ashanti is beautiful on top of being classy.

  • Looking for a Bossip Baby (I love a women in heels)

    I can’t call this one. Ashanti always been fine, but her attitude is horrible.

  • Ms.EJ

    It is my understanding that supposedly Nelly could no longer deal with Ashantis’ invasive and overbearing mother (seems to be an Usher mom type). I also thought it was reported that Nelly cheated on Ashanti w/a stripper who he supposedly fell hard for and got her pregnant which could have been a rumor. As well as the fact that Ashanti wanted to get married according to the Sister to Sister article. I do not think anyone should be with a person who cheats on them (if true), therefore this is a good thing for Ashanti.

  • GOD

    Nellys a man, learn from Tiger Woods never marry when you not ready it won’t last be with as many women you want. When hes ready he’ll settle down ,most men don’t get serious till about 37 on up hes 35 two or three years older than tiger live your life nelly Don’t be forced into marriage and your not ready because you will cheat

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