GameChager YouTube tutorial on how to cut your own hair during lockdown

If You Dare: Fellas, Here’s An Educational Tutorial About How To Cut Your Own Hair During These Trying Times [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Visiting the local township barber

Source: nattrass / Getty

Fellas, we know some of you are STRUGGLING with the state of your scalp during this COVID-19 lockdown.

Fear not! We’ve done you the solid of helping you if you ever get to the point where you just can’t take it anymore but you still have the good sense to continue social distancing from you barber.

During a random stroll through YouTube Park, we came across a video simply titled “How To Cut Your Own Hair” by a brotha named GameChanger. His page is an incredible wealth of knowledge and features some of his super impressive work on both mens’ and women’s hair. If you’re a barber looking for tips, a person who is into Black beauty content, or just someone looking for a new style or something creative to do with your hair, we highly suggest you check out his page.

Now, we know this subject probably strikes intense fear into the hearts of some of you fellas, but GameChanger is a great teacher with simple and easy-to-understand instructions. Peep the video below and he’ll tell you exactly what you need to do get right for your Zoom date during the isolation period.

We told you the was good. Keep it funky, don’ you feel like you can do that?



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