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As the popularity of text messaging continues to grow, so does the extreme to which some will use text messaging to communicate what they can’t always put into spoken words.

This became painfully obvious a week ago when a woman, who claims to have had an affair with Tiger Woods, told a celebrity publication that he had sent her flirty text messages, some of which were published. It follows on the heels of politicians who ran afoul of text I.Q., including a former Detroit mayor who went to prison after his steamy text messages to an aide were revealed, and Senator John Ensign of Nevada, whose affair with a former employee was confirmed by an incriminating text message.

Some may ask, why do these public figures take this risk, and why do they later try to justify the wrong that they have done? It would seem that in light of all of the public humiliation that has been caused by text messaging indiscretions, that people would realize the hurt and impact it causes. Yet, text messaging indiscretions are apparently on the rise…

Divorce lawyers say they have seen an increase in cases in the past year where a wronged spouse has offered text messages to show that a partner has strayed.

So, why would someone throw away a marriage or a career by carrying on a text message affair? Cheating is cheating, and apparently, there are those in the public eye who feel that text messaging somehow changes the rules on infidelity. Has society become that desensitized to family morals and values? Where does the heartbreak end?




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