Get to Easy Choppin' With This Fancy Set of Knives

Get to Easy Choppin’ With This Fancy Set of Knives

- By Bossip Staff

TL; DR:  A cutting-edge 4-piece knife set that’s on sale for $59.99, a 27% discount.

Somehow, being indoors this long has made a lot of people realize that there’s a cook inside them who’d just been waiting for the right time to jump right out and start whippin’ up meals. Who would’ve thought that our lives could be more than endless nights of takeout and/or eating out? Also, a special shoutout to all of you posting all those dinners you’ve fixed up for yourself on the ‘gram. While some of them do look pretty good, we’ve also seen some others that look like they could do with a little less struggle. Still, we respect the effort.

If you’re trying to take your self-taught chef skills to the next level, or you’ve just been spending a lot of time on Chrissy Teigen’s Insta and you’ve decided that it’s time for a utensil upgrade, then you’re in luck. Edge of Belgravia, one of the most innovative chef knife brands in the world presents to you The Precision Collection, a set of 4 knives that has such a badass name that you can’t help talking about it in casual conversation. The knife set has the coolest futuristic bold design and its easy-to-sharpen stainless steel blade has the best cutting ability you’ll be unable to find anywhere else. It also comes in a range of colors including black, blue, pink and green. While other knives are still stuck in 2020, these beauties are all the way up in 2031, and they’ll make a nice addition to your kitchen even if you never get to use ’em.

The Precision Classic Knife Set contains a 4″ paring knife, a 5″ Deba knife, a 6″ chef’s knife and a 6″ bread knife. If your uncultured a** is still using the same damn knife to chop up ingredients AND spread avocado on your toast, then it’s time for you to cop one of these and start adulting properly.

Edge of Belgravia have had their products hyped up by many of the big names like Fortune Magazine and Goop, so you know we’re not kidding when we say that their set of knives is the truth. They originally retail for $82.90, but you can get these sexy things for $59.99, a 27% discount to make your chef dreams come true.

Precision Classic 4-Piece Knife Set – $59.99

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