"Married To Medicine Los Angeles" Newcomer Lia Dishes On Season 2

Bossip Exclusive: “Married To Medicine L.A.” Newbie Lia Talks New Season And Her Castmates “We Are Just SO Different”

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Married to Medicine Los Angeles cast

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Bravo’s second season of “Married To Medicine Los Angeles” premieres tonight and we got the inside scoop… Returning to the show are Dr. Britten Cole, Dr. Imani Walker, Shanique Drummond and Jazmin Johnson. Dr. Kendra Segura and Lia Dias join the vibrant group of doctors and wives this season.

Check out the first look for the season below:

We caught up with newcomer Lia Dias who gave us the scoop on her experience this season. Check out our Q&A below!

BOSSIP: How did you end up doing Season 2 of “Married to Medicine Los Angeles?”

Lia Dias: Imani and my husband work together, he runs the child unit where they work and she runs the adult unit. So when she was on the show it was really cool to see her be on the show, she is my real life homegirl, so when I had the opportunity to hang out with her, even with the cameras there it felt really natural and really fun to do.

BOSSIP: Was that you in the bubble that fell in the pool in the trailer?

Lia: Oh God girl. That is me in the bubble and I have a 16-year-old daughter, she was like, ‘Mom, you are embarrassing. What were you doing?!’ I was like, ‘Don’t worry about it girl. Just sit tight.’

Yes, we were having a ball and that was me in the bubble.

BOSSIP: What kind of friend are you in this friend group? You have the women who are doctors, the women who are married to doctors and there’s a little cattiness…

Lia: And a lot of ego. Yeah yeah yeah. You know what it was for me? I’m used to being around strong women so I’m cool with that. But you know what it is? We are just so different. My group of friends that I have that are different from this group, are like, ‘Yeah we’re strong women, but we have so much in common!’ And you pick your friends, right? This group, Imani is my friend and she’s a strong woman and it’s great, but these women, we’re totally different. You would think on paper like, ‘oh they’re doctor’s wives’ we live in the same city, you would think that we would have more in common, I just think that we’re really different.

BOSSIP: Overall would you say it was a positive experience?

Lia: Nothing is all good, but nothing is all bad. For me it was a learning experience. It was a little bit of both to be honest with you.

BOSSIP: You’re married, how did your husband feel about the whole thing? What did he think about the interactions? Was he ready to participate?

Lia: I think my husband is so used to who I am that he didn’t even try to censor me. He was just like ‘Be you.’ And I think that’s why I got along well with the girls and why I’m this dynamic business woman and I have this big life because I am who I am in all scenarios. He doesn’t even try to censor me, on tv or not. He’s just like, ‘I know who I married, I know who she is and it is what it is. I think my daughter is probably more the one because of her peer group, that’s more like ‘please don’t.’ She’s like that whether the cameras are around or not. When I go to pick her up she’s like, ‘Mom just wait in the car. I’ll come, you don’t need to walk on campus.’ I’m like ‘You don’t want me to come hang out?’ She’s like ‘No, I’ll be there.’

BOSSIP: But that’s that age, what about your little ones?

Lia: Kayla is my oldest, she’s 16. Then I have a four-year old and a three-year-old. Yes, I have three children and they’re all home right now with no school, no activities, just running the house right now. Goodness, it’s a lot! But God blessed me, just pray for me.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles cast

Source: Courtesy Bravo / NBC Universal

BOSSIP: You also have your own thriving business, tell us about that.

Lia: I own the Girl Cave LA, it’s a chain of beauty supply stores. I have a location in Compton, one in Inglewood and one in South L.A. and we also have a website. It’s a girls beauty playground — wigs, beauty products, makeup, hair extensions, anything you could think of in your typical beauty supply store. I put a spin on it though, it’s not like your beauty supply store you go into that’s not organized and there’s boxes everywhere, no, my stores we have bright lights and pink walls and vanities. It’s a full shopping experience. I run those three stores, have 15 employees and all that goes with that. It’s a lot of work, but it’s really rewarding.

BOSSIP: How have you been managing your business during the quarantine?

Lia: You know what’s really interesting? Depending on the city they determine what is essential or not. City of L.A. said no, beauty supplies are non-essential but the City of Compton and Inglewood, their mayors said we are essential so I’m still functioning. We’re taking safety measures obviously, like limiting how many customers are in the stores and stuff like that. But no, business is actually booming right now. So I’m still working in the midst of this.

BOSSIP: From the looks of the trailer, Dr. Imani’s marital issues are a big part of this season. As her friend did you spend a lot of time supporting her?

Lia: Imani is a very private person, as far as that piece of her life, but even being her friend it was hard for me to navigate how to support her, because she’s so used to being strong and holding things in. So for me, just making myself available to her when she was ready was a big deal. Imani is a strong person, nothing is going to stop her from being who she is. You’ll see how she works through that as the season progresses, but just know she’s a strong person so she’s going to be fine, regardless.

BOSSIP: Of your fellow cast members, besides Dr. Imani, who would you say you felt closest to?

Dr. Kendra Segura, Married to Medicine Los Angeles cast

Source: Courtesy Bravo / NBC Universal

Lia: I think that Dr. Kendra and I had a genuine friendship. I feel really close to her. I talk to her basically every day. If it’s not over the phone, it’s text, just like checking in with each other. She’s just been a really good advocate for me with my daughter, having a 16-year-old, sometimes it’s really good to have a friend that is still cool enough to talk to your kid and get your message across and I feel that Kendra has been that person for me. We’re all friends. Some closer than others but Kendra I would say is the closest.

BOSSIP: One thing everyone remembers from the first season is the jokes about Jazmine, and her house being a drug dealer’s house and her husband not being on camera so much – so I wanted to ask if we get to see him this season and if that is still the running joke?

Lia: *Laughs*. You see I’m laughing. Honestly Jazmine and her husband, I literally think I’m going to plead the fifth on that. That’s a whole ‘nother thing. That’s a WHOLE thing. Girl I don’t even know what to say. I honestly don’t even know what to say. I don’t know girl. I don’t even know. I’m just going to leave it right where you left it.

BOSSIP: It looks like you did a lot of fun trips and events, did you have a favorite event or trip?

Lia: I like things that are very L.A. I like to go out to eat, I like to dine, I like to shop, so when we did those things, that was when I had the most fun. Some of the girls are a little more outdoorsy, and those were the times that was like, ‘Oh no, get me into air conditioning. Get me some food. Like, get me out of this scenario.’

BOSSIP: Did you watch Married to Medicine Atlanta and do you have any favorites from that show? Did you get to meet or talk to any of them?

Lia: Obviously the girls from last year knew the Atlanta girls, but coming in I was new to the L.A. girls and the Atlanta girls. You know who has been a tremendous ally for me? is Dr. Heavenly. Before the shut down, we met up in Vegas, she taught me to play poker, she’s just a really cool, genuine, down to earth, very straightforward person. Of all the Atlanta women she’s the one I connected to the most. And I also think because her daughter participates on the show and mine does too, and they’re around the same age, I was able to ask her about that and how she navigates with her baby.

“Married to Medicine Los Angeles” returns for season two on Sunday, May 3 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with the show’s other new cast member Dr. Kendra Segura on Monday!



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