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Someone needs to swoop in to help Halle Berry and parents like her through these stay-at-home guidelines or either the states need to cancel class because people are getting overwhelmed homeschooling their children. It’s been around two months since most stares cancelled school in order to slow the spread of coronavirus, leaving parents the hefty loads of teaching and guiding their kids through the remainders of their school years. But is it too much for a parent that hasn’t prepared for this?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Berry who has her 6-year-old son Maceo-Robert and her 12-year-old daughter Nahla Ariela, calls homeschool a “nightmare.”

“It’s a nightmare for me. It’s a nightmare. This is like a wash of a semester. They’re really just not learning anything and it’s hard. … What I learned is that when 6-year-olds see other 6-year-olds do things, then they do things. Like, they sit and they eat because there’s 25 other ones doing it. They stay at their desks and color because there’s 25 other ones doing it. At home, there’s not 25 other ones doing it. So, to get them to focus and realize they’re at home but yet they’re at school, it’s really been a challenge,” she added. “But I have enjoyed having all this extra time with them. We have been making good use of the time when they’re not in school.”

Halle adds that she and her kids are spending quality time, which she does appreciate.

“When I’m not cracking the whip for school, we do have a lot of family time, story time and bonding time that we don’t often get to have, so there is the silver lining,” Berry said.


Can YOU relate to Halle’s homeschool struggle?



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