Is Weezy Slippin’??

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Word is, some folks really aren’t feeling Lil Wayne’s new CD. Here’s what one critic had to say about “Tha Carter III”:

“Wayne attempts live up to his own hype, but falls short. The disc is a frustratingly uneven effort that’s filled safe songs aimed at commercial radio and a few quirky cuts that feature Wayne’s bizarre sense of humor and inflated opinion of his rap skills. It’s obvious that Wayne’s rap ambition is more dependent on radio play than true experimentation.”

It may be too soon to cast judgement, but it’s possible that Weezy Baby is loosing his grip. Discuss…


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  • RandiiGirl!


  • Octavia

    It may be all that codeine.

  • 5billion

    weezy is kl. but his new album aint all dat rick ross’s trilla is better than the carter 3. he is so lazy wid it dat it sounds like a mixtape. i luved the carter 2 i bump it errday. the carter 3 aint hot

  • The Return of Stringer Bell

    The album is sub par at best!!

  • Melz

    It is not to early to judge the album has been out for about a week. I think we would do great first week sales, but after that he will tank. The album is trash I hate it!

  • JJ

    What happened to clever lyrics in hip hop??? At least Jay Z has clever lyrics, words matter!!!

  • Jani

    Who ever thought he had talent in the first place…so who cares, not I, i’m amused that in England his getting any air play at all, something must be in the water.

  • Madame Enigma

    I didn’t like it…

    had the bootleg weeks ago…

  • bria

    This critics and white people want these black men to continue making songs about all negative things. God forbid they grow and explore some positive sides of black life in America. They don’t want that. They want them to keep degrading themselves, their women,children,race, and communities. Oh don’t let them grow-up. Let’s keep them in the image that we have made billions of dollars on.

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    damn, i didn’t even hear the whole album yet, but i was going to cop it sometime this week..i guess i didnt expect it to hear that is wasn’t hot! i still listen to The Carter II..

  • creolediva

    the only standards that matter to wayne are the streets…and the streets are luvin the carter III…i know i cant take it out of my player(sorry, i bootlegged!) but YES i will cop it, gotta hold the hometown down…dont write him off just yet…

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  • Nice

    If you knew Wayne before he was Wayne, you’d know he always has been stronger on his mix tapes. Not that I’m a HUGE fan, but I know, he’ll bounce right back. this won’t even dent his ego.

  • VicKaLiCioUs

    The album is just alright. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest I would give it a strong 4 weak 5. It just didn’t do it for me.

  • kandice

    everyone knows not to buy a lil wayne album…I thought?? they never sell, he really does better on mix tapes and collabos

  • Earth Sign

    I got my copy today. Ill be the judge.

  • Cannon

    Yea, the album is very “meh”. I’ve been down on Wayne since he started burning himself out on collabs & leaked material but I held out hope that he was saving the best of C3 but NOPE. It sucks.

    Everybody needs to get that N.E.R.D. album though, best urban album so far this year.

  • baby don't worry

    @juju are you from nigeria?

  • misssladyjordan

    @cannon….is the NERD cd really good for real? I havent heard it yet..

  • Black Beauty


  • http://yahoo McKooL


  • misssladyjordan

    LOL @ McKool…must be reeeeal old school or somethin huh? The good rap was back in the day huh?

  • RN

    Slipping??? He is on smack and doing all kinds of drugs, how good could it be? If I was doing what he is I would not be able to work my job. But if Souja Boy made a hit, I am sure Weezy will be fine. Crack habit and all.

  • Virgo911

    Correction: When an album…

  • megan

    it sucks so much

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