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When your mom and dad try to deny you things as a child you have to learn to do them for yourself. This is the lesson that an enterprising 5-year-old in Utah learned until the hatin’ a$$ police meddled in his masterplan.

According to NYPost, the unidentified child was cruising down I-15 minding his business when he was pulled over by a cop who assumed he was about to yank an intoxicated driver off the road. Imagine his surprise when he walked to the driver’s side window…

The kid told the cop that his mom was being mean to him and wouldn’t buy him a Lamborghini so he was going to drive to California and buy one on his own. Problem is he only had $3 in his pocket so unless he had a Lambo plug who was gonna give him a SERIOUS discount, we think he was probably a few dollars short.

No word on exactly how the child will be punished by his parents but never mind that. How the hell was a 5-year-old touching the gas and brake pedals?!? Whose kid is this, Shawn Bradley?!?


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