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President Obama hosts Annual Easter Egg Roll

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Not on her watch. No, sir. Not happening.

Michelle Obama was hell-bent on raising her daughters, Sasha and Malia, to be respectful, humble, and appreciative while also residing at the most famous address in America, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. 20500.

Previously, BOSSIP reported on the new Netflix documentary called Becoming that focuses on the life of Mrs. Obama while she trekked the United States promoting her book by the same name. The film will premiere tomorrow but today we get a bit more insight into the type of mother Michelle Obama is to her daughters.

According to DailyMail, there is a scene in the doc where THEE First Lady explains why she mandated that the uniforms for the White House butlers be changed immediately. During a handover visit with Laura Bush, Chelly-O said that she witnesses African-American and Latinx men dressed in tuxedos ready to serve at the drop of a dime. That made her very uncomfortable. She explains that political dynasties like the Bush family understood what the White House was but, as she says, “we were not those people”.

Obama says that she spent ‘a lot of time’ trying to figure out ‘how do I make this mansion with butlers and staff a home for two little girls?’

She says: ‘I didn’t want them thinking that grown African American men serve them in tuxedos.

‘The truth was that some of those men were uncles, they were the Pullman porters.

‘We had to change the dress code, you can’t walk around every day in a full tuxedo. Girls would have pool parties and play dates and little kids over and that just doesn’t even look right to me’.

Oh, but it wasn’t just the butlers’ attire that Mrs. Obama took exception to. She had to have words with the maid staff at 1600 because they were too damn good at their jobs and she needed Sasha and Malia to know that they weren’t any better than anyone else walking this earth.

‘I had to beg the housekeepers, these girls have to learn how to clean their own rooms and make their beds and do their laundry because they will not live here forever and.

‘I’m not raising a girl who doesn’t know how to make their own bed. Of course they’re (mimics daughter): ”They make your bed”. Because I’m the First Lady and I have a degree!’


God bless this woman and this family.

We will DEFINITELY be tuned in to Becoming tomorrow night. How bout you?

Also, we’re almost POSITIVE that Trump and that lady made the butlers go back to tuxedos and the maids are most certainly making Baron’s bed. Smh.


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