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Tyra Banks And Ace King Productions Celebrate The Release Of The "America's Next Top Model" Mobile Game - Inside

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It’s been years since Tyra Banks blessed us with her groundbreaking hit show America’s Next Top Model. People may forget that Banks was once the queen of television for a substantial run. She had a daytime talk show and the hottest reality show on TV. However, part of that legacy involves a nasty feud with Naomi Campbell that is seemingly unending. For some reason, Twitter decided to revisit that feud. Part of the revisiting meant taking sides, of course. Part of taking sides involves digging up dirt on Tyra Banks.

That’s how this clip resurfaced of Banks trying to get a contestant to close up her gap for the sake of her modeling career. This was seen as particularly cruel and insensitive. The viral clip started an avalanche of clips and reasons to re-drag Tyra for things she did on her shows.

IT got ugly really fast. Hit the flip to see why people are coming for Tyra again.

“Since we’re talking about Tyra Banks.. remember that episode where she made the women do a “bi-racial” photo shoot????????”

“Tyra Banks made a girl do a photo shoot in a casket after he best friend had just passed away????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????”

“I will never forget when Tyra Banks gave Miley Cyrus a picture of herself for her 16th Birthday ”

“‘I’m gonna give you this, this symbolises ME and I’m so proud of YOU’ says Tyra Banks as she gifts Miley a photo of herself for her 16th birthday. Tyra is an actual psychopath I can’t believe the shit she got away with”

“A Netflix limited series where Tyra Banks goes back and speaks with ANTM contestants she hurt, the girls from the ‘fat suit’ episode culminating in a final sit down with Naomi Campbell…

7 Episodes Titled: Shock, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Testing, Acceptance”

“If y’all still don’t think Tyra Banks is a monster remember this episode when she yelled at this girl for not showcasing her emotions. Like Tyra really wanted this woman to dramatically boo-boo cry to display sadness or else her feelings were invalid. Wtf”

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“Tyra reading all y’all tweets rn like:”

“I know that Tyra gets on peoples nerves but y’all can’t just burn down everybody‘s legacy by nitpicking on the awareness that you have today to actions that happened 20 years ago.”

“Being “too African””

“When she gave a man with an Identity disorder or complexion issues a WHITE makeover”

“Tyra Banks after having that girl cut all her hair off just to send her home”


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