Sex Offender Gets 5 Additional Years Added to Sentence After Plot To Kill Cop is Foiled

- By Bossip Staff

Andrew Spencer is a registered sex offender that was popped a few years back for gun possession. He concocted a plot, while locked up, to kill the cop that nabbed him:

A paroled sex offender was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday for a jailhouse plot to kill the NYPD cop who helped put him behind bars three years ago. The five-year term for Andrew Spencer, 25, will run consecutively to the 15-year hitch he has been serving for threatening the cop with a .40-caliber pistol in a fight outside the officer’s Queens home in 2006.

While locked up on Rikers Island, Spencer enlisted the help of ex-con Kiyee Kye to hire a hit man to shoot the cop, Queens prosecutors say. In exchange for a successful hit, Spencer offered a Lexus, a Jeep and $1,000 cash. When an informant alerted police to the hit plot, the NYPD sent an undercover officer to Rikers to offer to do the killing. Spencer drew the officer a map showing where the officer lived.

Kye, 25, was sentenced to 4-1/2 to 9 years for his role in the plot. “Individuals such as these defendants who would threaten the lives of police officers carrying out their sworn duty must be dealt with severely,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

What is an extra 5 on a 15-year sentence? SMH


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  • keino

    cant say im mad

  • keino

    Wow first again….I cant lie im off today an just keep hittin the refresh button..(so so so disappointing in myself) but never the less….IM FIRST…..HA HAAAA!!!!

  • Bossy

    lol @ Keino

  • BlackStar69

    Just plain dumb!

  • smiley

    thats crazy!!!


    I hate when nickel and dime criminals try to go for what they don’t know…dude, stick to pedophilia…oh wait he ain’t good at that either!!!!!

  • It's Me

    @ Kenio, you unemployed collecting unemployment checks….stop fronting about you being off today… Tell that to one of your crying babies that I hear in the back ground….

  • Choco

    He deserves it he was stupid enough to get caught but to get caught again-yeah the streets are better off without him!

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  • Its6amHoGetOut

    LOL n*gga offered a lexus, jeep and a $1,000! I bet the car and truck still have some 13 year olds DNA all over that muthaf*cka! Just like R kelly’s!

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