Got no bae to give you back rubs? We've got you.

Got no bae to give you back rubs? We’ve got you.

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TL; DR: The handheld massage gun for a spa-grade deep tissue percussion, at a 15% discount.

Don’t you just miss a good ole’ spa day with your girls? The stress of the last few months has really been through the roof, so you’re probably just dying to get on a massage table and let someone get to work on all those tense muscles. Too bad you can’t get that right now. It also doesn’t help much that you slept on the wrong side last night and now you’re nursing an 80-year old back.

While you dream of a masseuse’s touch, you can also relieve those aching muscles at home with this doctor-recommended Handheld Massage Gun for Deep Tissue Percussion. Your work setup killing your back? House chores got your joints feeling tense? Workout sessions got your muscles screaming for mercy? This massage gun will get to work and soothe those stiff, sore muscles in no time. It’s got a high-quality motor as well as ultra-strong heat dissipation function to increase blood circulation and help you relax. It’s also super lightweight and sweat-proof, so you can give yourself a DIY massage with no stress.

The Deep Tissue Percussion Massager comes with five different massage heads to target specific body parts. The shovel type head works for the abdomen, the flathead works for a full body massage, the spine head for your spine (duh), the bullet head works for the knee joint and the ball head works for thigh muscles. Whether you’re just going for a slow, tender massage or you want to knead the hell out of that back, you can make it happen because the massage gun gives you six different speed levels to choose from. It also runs for three hours each time you charge it, and that’s enough time to get each muscle straightened out.

This handheld massage gun does the job so well it’ll make you miss spa days a lot less. We’re also giving you a 15% discount on the original price of $88.88, so you can get it at a stress-relieving price of $74.99.


Handheld Massage Gun for Deep Tissue Percussion – $74.99

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