Barbara Walters Names Michelle Obama As Most Fascinating Person

- By Bossip Staff

Barbara Walters named her 10 Most Fascinating People list and guess who has the top spot:

Barbara Walters’ yearly extravaganza that named ‘10 Most Fascinating People’ drew a lot of TV viewers to their sets. The list was full of unusual candidates including the First Lady of the USA, Michelle Obama. However, few could guess that the top spot among those fascinating people would go to Mrs. Obama.  The show was broadcast on the ABC network. The show focused on her arms. Michelle Obama did not showcase any starry airs while with Barbara Walters on the show. What many viewers liked about Michelle Obama is that she shared some aspects of her life just like any other woman.

The first lady of the USA revealed that when she gets a break, she spends it relaxing without anyone by her side. Michelle Obama said that she likes watching TV programs on fashion or food at times. She also informed the viewers about her experiences since she’s moved into the White House with President Barack Obama and their kids. After moving in, she found the schedule quite hectic but somehow managed to cope with the changing pace. Everything from finding a school for the kids, to adopting a dog in the house seemed like a roller coaster ride to her.

Then there were the numerous trips that she needed to attend with her husband. The First Lady also found time for doing something more meaningful and substantial. She nurtured a garden and later started planning for a mentoring program. Now she is planning to celebrate Christmas on a grand scale in the White House. She also told the viewers that her dog accompanies her when she watches TV.

We agree with Walters’ top spot placement. We are interested to know more about Michelle as well.


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  • shana


  • keino

    silver ill take it….lol

  • Davina

    Yeah Yeah The Obamas are all THE MOST in the world for real they need to stop with all those lists and prizes.

  • KeepNit2Real

    I don’t know about most fascinating but she is tall in person…

  • Bossip sucks

    Well deserved, and she does fascinate me more then the others on that list.

  • It's Me

    Barbara knows what she is taking about….

  • Choco

    Yeah I too wonder about fascinating love and support Michelle becuz she carries herself with a confident air needed to be in the spotlight she’s in…maybe that’s the fascination of it all!

  • Gimmeabreak 78

    I think she made the list as the most fascinating because she is the complete antithesis of what black women are typically portrayed as in the media:

    She is married mother as opposed to a baby mama.
    She is highly educated as opposed to uneducated.
    She is fully clothed as opposed to hypersexual and violently gyrating.
    She is articulate as opposed to ebonics-speaking.

    Kudos to her.

  • Stanley Parrish

    How in the world is she on the list for most Fascinating People….that’s crazy

  • Ronda

    Michelle Obama is very deserving of the title IMO. I think she is a fabulous Woman and I like her style.


    Damn she killin these hoes in that pic!! I am a little jealous!!! LOL

  • salomesmith

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