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Body cameras on German railways

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Breonna Taylor was killed by Louisville police during a no-knock warrant raid at the wrong house. Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, shot one of the unannounced cops in the ruckus and has been charged with the attempted murder of an officer. Not a second of what happened that night was captured on body camera because the trigger-happy officers weren’t wearing them.

How convenient.

All that has allegedly changed now, according to The Republic, because Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has mandated that all plainclothes officers, like the incompetent ones who killed Breonna, wear recording devices. In addition, Mayor Fischer says that he will now require that the police chief sign-off on those warrants prior to sending them to a judge for approval. This policy will also extend to uniformed officers serving warrants.

“This is a step, but we know there needs to be more conversation on the use of these warrants,” Fischer said in an address streamed on the internet. He took no media questions after the announcements.

This is the most obvious, common-sense policy that should have BEEN implemented. It shouldn’t take a dead Black woman to know that no-knock warrants are dangerous, especially in the hands of inept, bacon-scented, badge-wearers.

Also, we’re not leaving this post without saying that the trumped-up charges against Kenneth Walker should be dropped IMMEDIATELY.



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