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Fyrefest has earned a place in history as the worst music event to ever not happen. The event still haunts many people to this day, including vendors, sponsors, investors, artists, and even an entire country. The event was such a disaster that last year Netflix & Hulu both released documentaries detailing the madness from different perspectives. We even got to hear from the festival founder Billy McFarland who you instantly could tell was only participating because he needed the money and had yet to own up to his actions for essentially robbing millennial trust fund babies. Ja Rule was nowhere to be found and later would be legally cleared while Billy went straight to jail. While those who tried to actually attend the function are scarred for life and others toss the ordeal up as being apart of pop culture history others aren’t taking it as well especially companies owed money from the event.

Creditors for the festival are out to get money from anyone who had a hand in getting the public to buy into this festival. One lawsuit last year listed Migo’s, Pusha-T, Lil Yachty, and other artists scheduled to perform seeking damages for creditors. Migo’s settled out of court forking up $30,000 to just put the situation behind them.

According to TMZ, Kendall Jenner is the latest ready to pay up to be done with dumpster fire that is FyreFest.

Jenner’s agreed to pay $90k to the trustee in the Fyre Festival bankruptcy case after the trustee sued to recoup the dough for the festival’s creditors who got screwed.

In the lawsuit, the trustee claimed Kendall was paid $275k to promote Fyre on her Instagram account. The trustee claimed that money constituted a fraudulent transfer because she was paid to promote a festival the organizers could never pull off.

In the grand scheme of things Jenner still pocketed around $185k for simply posting the festival one time to her Instagram feed. This is a steal considering all the international laws that were broken and the number of people who are still on the hook for their roles for the incident. Better to get out of the mess while you can, especially while keeping that much of a payday.




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