Mutli-Million Dollar Justice

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Posted by Bossip Staff

This is Mauricia Grant, technical inspector for NASCAR and aspiring racing official. She is currently suing NASCAR for $225 million behind claims of racial and sexual discrimination/harassment and wrongful termination. Check out some of the bllsh*t she had to put up with these racist fools:

• Grant was forced to work outside more often than the white male officials because her supervisors believed she couldn’t sunburn because she was black.

• While riding in the backseat of her car pool at Talladega Superspeedway, co-workers told her to duck as they passed race fans. “I don’t want to start a riot when these fans see a black woman in my car,” she claims one official said.

• When packing up a dark garage at Texas Motor Speedway an official told Grant: “Keep smiling and pop your eyes out ’cause we can’t see you.”

• When she ignored advances from co-workers, Grant was accused of being gay. She also claimed co-workers questioned the sexual orientation of two other female officials.

One official asked Grant: “Does your workout include an urban obstacle course with a flat-screen TV on your back?”

Kudos to Mauricia for holding her own with those simple ass inbred NASCAR freaks. $225 Million is a whole lot of duckets, but we hope the sista get the justice she deserves.


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  • marteaus

    dang everytime we do something new this hapns…

  • {{ THE INFAMOUS}}...Ms. Sugar Walls

    first b*tchessssssssssssss

  • {{ THE INFAMOUS}}...Ms. Sugar Walls

    i guess that I am going to have to get speedy gonzalez on that ass next time!


  • Lauren

    Oh Damn…they didn’t have to do that girl like that….

  • mrslaadee

    Unfortunately WE have not taken over Nascar yet. But give us a few years and we will be there b/c you know WE can drive just as fast if not faster than the white boys…lol

    ….But it’s the truth!

  • lil latte

    This is so messed up don’t care for nascar anyway…

  • Keesha

    I’m glad that she’s taking action and letting the truth be known. It seems like suing was her last resort after serious racism and disrespect. I know how hard it is to work under those conditions, so kudos to her.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    White people still haven’t realized we’re on the move…O, wait they have that’s why they act like this, little do they know they can’t keep us down. B*tchez!

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    I hope she get’s every pennie! She deserves it after putting up with those racist mf’s

  • Aunt Viv

    NASCAR’s just salty ‘cuz we’re about to take over the last lilly-white “sport” out there! You go girl!

  • naima

    My husband is a sanitation worker, who looks hispanic white workers use to say many racial things about black people in front of him untel they found out he was black…I am glad this women is suing nascar but we can never change the way ignorant white people think..

  • Shia

    Alright! Delta Sigma Theta!


  • Mr. Marcus ™


  • mojojojo195

    GET EM GIRL!!!


  • Whateva

    It seems the racism never stops!!!

  • Lady Architect

    I hope she gets it all. It is ridiculous how she was treated.

  • intenzemocha





  • What The...

    nascar is a multi billion dollar industry, they need to give her more, to make an example.

    I remember a few years back one millionair African guy who owned one the teams, he went down in the pits, they didnt “know” who he was and made some comments about him…aint that sumthin

    He said it didn’t bother him but, I bet all their a$$es were fired.

    This is the kid of racism that needs to be discussed, not that other garabage. Its hard for white folks to justify stuff like this..Harvard, Yale..don’t mean nothing if all they see is Black.

  • And...

    In Texas & Alabama? Oh every word of it is true if not more or worse.

    I hope she hits paydirt and a few folks get fired.

    Hell I was asked by a white co-worker at an outdoor event why had I put on sunscreen…

  • InsertDopeWordsHere

    Not surprised, it’s Nascar. I hope she wins…

  • LdyK

    get ’em girl!

    but my question is will she have a hard time finding employment after the suit? wont she be black listed…or i guess she can make her own way.

  • I'm Just Me

    GOOD FOR HER!!! She put up with it entirely too long. That is crazy. People need to put their opinions behind them and get a job done.

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    damn, that’s so harsh..i believe her because when Danica Patrick won she spoke about how she had to overcome sexism.. Mauricia unfortunately had to deal with racist, sexist pigs! i hope she wins more then what she’s asking for

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    num1dominicano, you better be know you’re a marked target!

  • Lady elle

    I remember when Alfonso Rivera was very interested in Race Car Driving, he couldn’t get a sponser to save his life.

    She’s going to go through it but once that door is broken down…wow

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