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GENERAL INFORMATION: ride-along with Minneapolis cops to show crime is down in near-northside Mpls. - Thursday, Jan. 11, 2001 IN THIS PHOTO: Minneapolis police officers show their presence on the near-northside of Minnepolis when making a stop for drug s

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George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis in front of a crowd of people with their cell phones out unknowingly recording what would become his final moments alive. According to CBSNews, Mr. Floyd was accosted by four Minneapolis police officers who were called down to address a “forgery in progress”.

Upon arriving at the scene, they asked Floyd to step out of the car he was sitting in. After stepping out, the cops say he physically resisted arrest and had to be taken to the ground and handcuffed. Now, at this point is where the video comes into play. The clip opens with George Floyd groaning in pain, gasping for air while screaming “I can’t breathe”, and begging the officer to let him up.

The crowd tries desperately to get the officer to remove his knee from Floyd’s neck. That knee would remain in place for 7 whole minutes, Floyd’s neck bearing the officer’s entire body weight.

“My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Everything hurts. I need water or something. Please. Please. I can’t breathe, officer. I cannot breathe. I cannot breathe.”

It’s Eric Garner all over again. We so very tired.

Here is the video. It is very disturbing. Under no circumstances should you watch it if it will be a trigger for you. We post it here strictly for full context and posterity.

Today, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and Police Chief Medaria Arradondo announced the firing of all four unidentified officers involved. Not suspension. Not paid leave. Fired. Immediately. See how f***ing easy it is?

Mayor Frey gave a highly emotional speech and didn’t mince any words when it comes to what this white officer did to an unarmed Black man in George Floyd.


Rest in peace George Floyd. May the officers involved not know a day of peace until their dying day.


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