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Back at it again with more hilarious tweets and memes that got us through another draining week dominated by nationwide protests, community organizing and civil unrest in Amerikkka where the revolution is currently being televised.

At this point, we’re either stressed TF out, struggling to sleep normally (if at all), attempting to protect our peace, donating to the growing movement, canceling celebs every hour or marching for justice in the middle of a pandemic in the latest chapter of the absolute worst year in recent history.

Hit the flip for all the hilarious tweets/memes that got us through this super stressful week.

“Trina when I heard you call black ppl animals I thought to myself no, not the baddest b*tch” – no enough red tables in the word for all these shenanigans


“I went to go delete Trina’s music from my library and nothing was there to begin with” – pettttttyyyyyyyyy

“…Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there” – *places hand over heart*

“Me listening to Look Back at It one last time before i cancel Trina” – noooooooooo

“That doesn’t have a driver’s license” SHE CANNOT BE SERIOUS – this is so outrageous yet hilarious

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“kirk. franklin….bye 💀💀💀 “I’m not plies” – ha, he’s definitely Plies

“Me looking at Lawrence this entire episode #InsecureHBO” – our new fave granny

“Kirk: Where my tenors?

RAIN” – if you know, you know

“forbes in 2019: kylie jenner becomes the youngest self-made billionaire ever

forbes in 2020:” – Forbes is pettyyyyy

“somebody stop akbar right now” – rapping miiiiiiight not be her thing

“When I tell you I’m am f*ckin rolling

I might bring back the term “rofl” for this lmao” – we’re stuck in the Twilight Zone

“I got tears in my eyes from laughing at this shit. “cops said you gotta go home c’mon guys” – all you can do is laugh at the hypocrisy

“america: we protesting!
france:” – they always want the smoke!



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