Both Minneapolis and Dallas announce "Duty To Intervene" policy for cops

Duty To Intervene: Minneapolis And Dallas Now Require Cops To Snitch If They See Banned Chokeholds Or Neck Restraints

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Protests Continue After The Death Of George Floyd, In Minneapolis

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

America has been burning physically and emotionally since we witnessed the video of George Floyd’s final breaths.

Protests and righteous violence appears to have set in motion an era of change in the way we are policed in the United States.

According to CBS Minnesota, negotiators in the city of Minneapolis have come to an agreement with the state of Minnesota to ban all chokeholds in addition to requiring officers who witness colleagues using the illegal maneuver to verbally and physically intervene and report the misconduct to supervisors. The policy states that any officer who does not report misconduct will be subject to the same punishment as the offending officer.

NBCDFW is reporting that Dallas Chief of Police Renee Hall has also announced the same policy for his department that will apply to both sworn and non-sworn members.

“Millions watched a Minneapolis police officer suffocate Mr. George Floyd to death by applying pressure with his knee on the victim’s neck for nearly 9 minutes. His fellow co-workers either assisted or stood by and watched Mr. Floyd take his last breath. Had the officer’s partners intervened, the outcome might have been different. The revision was developed to create a culture where what happened to Mr. Floyd does not happen again,” the department said in a news release.

Keep pushing! We are going to change policing in Amerikkka come hell or high water!



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