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YG at Rolling Loud Miami

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Protests around the world are entering day 10 with no sign of slowing down until actionable changes are met and satisfactory. In Los Angeles the protests are filling every corner of the city with multiple protests by different groups, ages, and races far and wide. This past weekend, YG announced he would partner with Black Lives Matter LA to host a protest downtown. This announcement came just days after the rapper released his new song, “FTP”.


Upon the release of the single, it instantly became the soundtrack to Los Angeles protests just like “FDT” has been the soundtrack to enduring this whole miserable administration the past 4 years.

With YG being a fixture for Los Angeles, the people did not disappoint and over 20,000 plus showed up to protest with him. But the problem, for some, came when they learned YG ended up shooting a music video while protesting.

Rapper Chika in particular was NOT pleased and she made that quite clear.

The crowd didn’t seem to mind the music video shoot and the production went down without any problems. When YG heard the rumblings on social media and the fact that people had an issue with him shooting the video, he wasted no time addressing them and added that 50K people showed up in solidarity.

“All of us protesting are on the same side here,” He wrote. “Instead of questioning each other’s activism we should be directing that energy at the cops and the government and helping to create the change we want to see. Stay focused and stop that social media judgement without knowing facts and hurting a cause we all a part of.”

The real story here is me and Black Lives Matter brought out 50K people today to peacefully protest and unite for change.”

Basically, YG’s response is that he shot his video while drawing attention to the cause, and if you’re upset about it, you were probably just looking for a reason to start some slander.

Chika, however, stands by what she said.

“I said what I said, f*** y’all,” she captioned an IG TV video breaking down her issue with the video.

What do YOU think about YG”s video shoot amid the protests???



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