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Cardi B for "Hustlers" Photo Call

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Cardi’s had enough of body shamers shading her baaaaaaawdy and she’s setting them straight.

The 27-year-old succinctly shut down rumors that she’s been photoshopping her pics after people pointed out that recent pics of her don’t match her super sexy bikini photos.

According to Cardi while yes, it’s true that she’s gained some weight, her post-Kulture curves are still intact. In fact, her thighs now match her artificially enhanced a$$ets.

“Now I know a b***h gained some weight, because I had to make the thighs match the motherf**kin a**,” said Cardi.”I know I gained a little bit of weight and I’m actually holding it in… but it doesn’t matter though… I got lipo money.”

She also showed more of her body on Twitter while posing inside of an enormous closet.

Cardi does indeed have lipo money.

Back in 2019, Cardi canceled a series of concerts so she could recover from breast augmentation and liposuction.

“I hate canceling shows because I love money. I’m a money addict,” said Cardi during an Instagram Live. “And I get paid a lot of money, a lot of money for these shows. A lot of money. I’m canceling millions of dollars in shows, but health is wealth so I have to do what I have to do.”

She also added that she’s a 24-hour entertainer so she doesn’t have time to”hit the gym.

“‘Oh you lazy, you should just work out’,” said Cardi mocking detractors. “I do whatever the f***k I want to do with my body. I don’t have the time of day like you do. My job as an entertainer is a 24-hour job, bro. So no I don’t have time to work out. I wanted specific things that I know that no matter how much I work out won’t get fixed.”


“So you know, you still got stitches in the inside—in my breast—so they slowly got to heal,” Cardi said. “Then on top of that my doctor was like ‘Yo, you can’t be doing all these shows because you’re not fully healed and if something happens you’re gonna blame me.'”

Cardi B

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Despite admittingly getting lipo and seemingly having ab etching surgery, Cardi shut down fans on social with pics of her pre-fame with 6-pack abs.



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