Rep. Cedric Richmond and Matt Gaetz get into heated racial shouting match

Quote Of The Year: Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond Ethers Zack Morris Tethered Matt Gaetz, “Was That A Nerve?” [Video]

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Cedric Richmond Matt Gaetz

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Amerikkka is a very tense country right now. Black folks are demanding that these soup cookies stop killing us and to punish those who do with imprisonment. As we speak, the United States government is drafting, editing, and arguing legislation that will help us get free. During those sessions, things are likely to get heated between Democrats and Republicans who don’t typically agree on what justice for Black people looks like.

A prime example of this rift manifested yesterday when Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond and Saved By The Bell reject Matt Gaetz got into a war of words that culminated with what we consider to be the greatest quote of the year and we’re not even halfway through.

Rep. Richmond was voicing his displeasure with the sidetracking and distraction tactics of his colleagues across the aisle and was righteously lecturing them on the REAL topic at hand. The unjust death of Black people at the hands of police and racist whites in Amerikkka. He was uninterested in the Republicans attempt to tack on extra stuff onto the bill that needed to be streamlined and concise to address the problem that has millions of angry citizens in the streets protesting.

Rep. Richmond was in no mood to play semantics with…these people…so when Matt Gaetz attempted to derail the conversation with his faux outrage about the Black family members that he doesn’t even have, Rep. Richmond let loose the quip that we will remember for the rest of our days.

Press play below to watch the video in all it’s Black-a$$ splendor.



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