Ho Sit Down: Fox News Calls Michelle a Baby Mama?!

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

During a segment discussing conservative attacks against Michelle Obama aired yesterday on “Faux” News, you’ll notice that the caption reads “Obama’s baby mama.”

This is the type of simple ass bulllshyte we’re talking about folks. These predictable, idiotic racist fools are up to their usual tricks again. We should expect no less from Fox “News.” This truly pathetic attempt to discredit the Obama’s is weak and retarded – much like those dumb f**ks over there at that counterfeit network.

Then that twisted heffah Michelle Malkin (pictured above) is caught lying about alleged statements made on salon.com that criticize Michelle Obama – a claim that is totally false. The Republican machine is in full effect – but you know what they say: “The Devil Never Sleeps.”

Click HERE to watch the segment in question. SMH.


To call these fools out for yourselves contact: Feedback@foxnews.com or americasnewsroom@foxnews.com

Shout out to Jessica!

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  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    first there was an issue with the fist bump…now they are calling her Obama’s baby mama…..does Faux News refer to white women in this way??? of course not


    OH SH!T? is MR FLORIDA top 5? maybe FIRST?

    either way….what yall expect? them hating azz ZESTAS gon hate on the black man. TV or not. we gotta overcome the haters then SH!T on em

  • Lyte Bright

    she isnt his babies mama cuz he married her, so they should be informed that the term is wife.

    fox news is racist…..damn….

  • Lauren

    Thats messed up, Do they say Laura Bush is GWB’s “BABY MAMMA”?? NO! Ignorants…

  • Tyrell

    Hasn’t MIchelle called Barack her “Baby Daddy” in public? If you don’t want stuff like this to happen then don’t disrespect yourself.

  • Anna

    I love the name for Faux Fox)News! Fake Asses!Keep it coming!!

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    wow Fox New is so racist..that is so uncalled for..Obama’s baby mama-nope not funny

  • Lauren

    @ Tyrell, when have you heard this woman say that?? STFU Please…

  • Lauren

    First off it would be one thing if it was actually funny, but that ish is no where near funny, its like, who says that? Thats unprofessional, and politically incorrect, the writer of this story should be fired, never to work as a writer or speak inpublic again, FREAKIN IDIOT.

  • SweetiePie09

    ^ Amen Lauren. Never heard her refer to him in that way.. wow!

    Fox news is a hot ass mess!


    “Baby Momma”????? That is outrageous…even for Fox News! That they would blatantly play the race card and disrespect his wife in such a manner…

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    I don’t necessarily have an issue with the term baby’s mama, because it is true in this case Michelle is Obama’s babies mother, however my issue is the fact that Fox has used it to describe a Black Women but have yet to use it when describing white women….she is much more than a “baby mama”

  • smile

    I am an Obama supporter–but I hate to break the news to everybody that Michelle referred to Barack as “my baby’s daddy” when he won his senate race years ago. So as much as i dont like it…it’s not much we can say if she refers to herself (albeit jokingly) in this manner. Sad but true!

    feel free to “youtube it” if you dont believe me.

  • Lauren

    Fox News issued this statement today from Bill Shine, senior vicepresident of programming for Fox News Channel.

    “A producer on the program exercised poor judgment in using this chyron

    during the segment.”

  • Lauren

    @ Smile, as true as that maybe, that does not justify this in no way shape or form, sorry it doesn’t.

  • chooky

    Foxnews strikes again!

  • Jahpson

    what kind of ignorant shyte is that?

    Obama don’t have a “baby mama”

    he has a WIFE who is the MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN.

    complete disrespect and disregard for Mrs. Obama and her position in family.

    Spit on “Faux” News


    I don’t expect anything less from these mud slinging ass wipes. They are going to do anything in their power to discredit this man. Expect nothing less folks. They own the news and all media outlets, this is the way it is. Until we gain true economic power will things change. Strive for your best and come together!!!

  • smile

    @ lauren–i completely agree! But sadly the outrage is diminished by the FACT that she gave them the ammunition. Unfortunately–after the senate race, i knew that statement would return to haunt them.

  • Jahpson

    Lauren says:

    Fox News issued this statement today from Bill Shine, senior vicepresident of programming for Fox News Channel.

    “A producer on the program exercised poor judgment in using this chyron

    during the segment.”


    thank you for clearing that up.

  • Miss Take

    As a colored person, this vile piece of Asian dung should know better. Then again, look who her masters are- none other than Fox. A racist joke of a “news” outlet. The enquirer of the news.

    The only way to exterminate this kind of element is to hit them where it hurts–their pockets.

    Boycott all things Rupert Murdoch and fox.

  • Jahpson

    My fellow Obama supporters, this is just a sample of what is to come as Obama continues on for the race of the presidential seat.

    But we can only fight it, by going in those booths come November and showing America and McCain what we think of their “jokes”

    Lets all have the last laugh as Obama is seated in the Oval Office!!!

  • Mr. Marcus ™

    ignorance at its height

  • VoiceOfReason

    Didn’t Michelle Obama call her husband her “baby daddy” back in ’04?


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