Alicia Talks Motherhood

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Homewrecker suspect Alicia Keys attended the NYC screening for the HBO documentary We Are Together looking all glistening and sun-kissed. While at the event, she talked about future motherhood plans:

“I’m not ready to be a mom,’ Alicia admitted. But the soulful songstress says that adoption is, ‘important to consider. That’s what I really admire about Angelina. I think it’s beautiful the way she embraces the children of the world.'”

Check out more pics of Alicia in the thumbs.

A few more pics of the screening are just under the hood.

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  • Aunt Viv

    Friday first!

  • He's Presidential

    She’s looking good.

  • swoosh


  • sickofit

    Stop calling her a homewrecker. You don’t know if the rumors are true.

  • swoosh

    what is up with laurie ann?????????????

  • Aunt Viv

    Why is Laurie Ann “Boom Boom Ka” Gibson everywhere these days? Is she coming out with something?

  • Lauren

    Okay Alicia is really gettin her Jermaine Jackson on…too much tan boo boo….

    And who is Laurie Ann Gibson?? She looks a lil rough around the edges…

  • Aunt Viv

    At least Alicia Keys knows she’s not ready for kids. Not like Naomi Campbell’s crazy azz…

  • Doagae

    Alicia ain’t no home-wrecker…until I hear (or read)her admit to it, then I ain’t buying this crap…..anyway, she is very pretty in those pics.

  • Sharie

    She looks sooooo good… but U never know what people are capable of behind closed doors. I hope the rumor isn’t true though…doesn’t seem like her to sleep w/someone’s husband.

  • kiki

    she’s beautiful

  • Vinandi

    and thats how she stole Swiz beats!!!

    Am going to belive it, untill I hear otherwise!!!

  • Lauren

    I don’t think she’s a homewrecker, ppl are so quick to blame the “other woman” but they gotta look at the real issue….the marraige…the other woman rally has little to do with it, if Alicia DID sleep with Swizz which I doubt she did, then she most likely didn’t rape him or force him to sleep with her, they are all adults….

  • Lauren


  • I'm Just Me


    Not feeling Laurie Ann…she is annoying!

    I will not comment on the Swizz Beats issue…I am not privvy to any of the info on it.

  • 2cute4u

    GOODMORNING EVERYONE! Alicia looks beautiful, her natural skin color is kind of caramel, so why she needs all that tanner I don’t know, or maybe she just came back from vacation or something, but whatever it is I cosign with Lauren, it’s too much tan.

  • I'm Just Me



  • ms meca

    still talkinbbout her bein a home wrecker.. if it aint no evidence i dont believe it.. alicia keys lookin good no homo

  • ms meca

    yeh too much tan i agree

  • Lauren

    I’m Just Me, Ms. Meca, KZZME,2cute4u…EVerybody….Happy Friday Beautiful Black People!!

  • num1dominicano

    she’s fine as hell….even with those small funny shaped oblong titties..


    I’d put my tongue in her ass…..real talk son.

  • I'm Just Me


  • Jbaby

    If these rumors about Alicia and Swizz, I think he is more to blame than her. Yeah she was dead wrong for messing with the married dude but she wasn’t the one married. He ALLOWED her to be the homewrecker and who knows how many OTHER “homewreckers” he been with. My thing is if a person is going to cheat then he/she is going to cheat whether they find someone at work,the grocery store..etc

    And if it is true then Alicia and Angelina got more in common rather than the fact the adoption thing.


  • dEs

    I’d be happy to have her sit on my face.

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