Weezy F. Baby vs. Permed Up Al

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Permed Up Al responds to Lil Dwayne Carter’s lyrics that attack him in the track “Misunderstood.” We know Weezy isn’t the only one who ain’t feelin Al and his Cream of Nature butter.

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  • Joey Boats

    Li’ wayne man, y’all can’t be supporting this cat




    3RD, 4TH!!


    eat it joey! no homo hahahahahahahaha …. now for business:

    Lil Weezy talk too damn much! Al is a bit over rated but u cant be goin at one of ours in public like that. We need solidarity as it is….that album is CRACK though.

  • Joey Boats

    Since when we started supporting drug addicts, this is what’s wrong with america. Oh yeah register to vote everybody, i mean everybody

  • Cage

    Really now.. this aint news…

  • P

    it won’t be long before wayne is found dead unless this rehab works. so we won’t have to put up with him for long, most likely.

  • P

    i also don’t care for sharpton, i guess i’m cynical like that

  • beautiful b

    i havent heard the track yet….so let me go to YOUTUBE!!….but seriously without judging either side ….al sharpton knows that when his skeletons fall out the closet it will be a wrap. exploiting ur own people in a time of need just aint cool. but at the same time, its hard to take an addict seriously either.

  • Lauren

    I don’t care for neither one of these funny looking dudes…..

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    “While some of the rappers don’t like the fact that Rev. Sharpton has been leading marches against the degradation of women in music, a Gallup poll released last week revealed that Rev. Sharpton has a 50% approval rate among African-Americans. So why dignify a response to one rap artist who doesn’t even say anything substantive,” a Sharpton rep said.

    The reverend is known for taking very public stands against lyrics in Hip-Hop. This year, Sharpton took credit for stopping rapper Nas from naming his album N igger; and last year he sparred with rapper/activist David Banner over censorship in the genre.

    So what does his approval rate have to do with anything? Why is he even responding to a ‘rapper’?

    F()ck Al Sharpton and anybody like him! 😛


  • Aunt Viv


    LOL, that’s funny

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper {{ THE INFAMOUS}}...Ms. Sugar Walls



  • The_Truth

    “We trust no black leaders. . .” -Nas

    “They puttin old N!ggas vs. the youngest. . .” -Nas

    I support Wayne and Al Sharpton, let both of the great, talented black men sit and work out their differences. . .STOP LETTING THE INTERNET/ MEDIA PUT WEDGES BETWEEN OUR PEOPLE!!! They’ve done this for centuries and now we only trust “them”. Wakeup!


    we giving shout outs to crackheads now!? nah son….nah


    @ sugar walls :

    sounds like you got some good puss though with a name like that…..what you doing this weekend? I’m in NYC

  • I'm Just Me


    I mean Al is messy just like Jesse but Al will go to jail for folk, will stop NYC for folk. I mean I don’t see Dwayne doing that…Weezy I like ya style of rap, yeah, but I am sorry you have been alive long enough to go at Al like that.

  • Chaka

    I love how we are the only race that consistently airs its dirty laundry in the media. Yeah, we have the luxury to do because we are taken so seriously in this country (sarcasm). Stupid meaningless self serving crap like this makes my ass hurt…

  • Joey Boats

    @ Chaka

    u right, and the white media loves us for that

  • Chaka

    I have noticed that there is a growing divide between the old black guard and young people in this country. I don’t know if it’s real or if it’s a way to sell records. For decades, Jackson and Sharpton kept the dialog going while no one was listening, although some of their tactics were questionable. Now there’s a huge backlash against them by people who are only advancing their own agendas. What is going on here?

  • Joey Boats

    @ Chaka

    Ok, now you talking a little bit too much

  • Celebrity CSI

    Who can really take a man with relaxed locks seriously? And on top of that…GOT it roller set? Al can give me 250 1/2 feet….along with Weezy. That’s what I call equal opportunity. lol

  • I'm Just Me

    WellI agree with you Chaka and that is what I said what I said. Who is without flaws??? We all know that Al has done some dirt, but he is also out there protesting, and doing things for the sake of trying to have equality and the betterment of Black people in this country….I don’t see Wayne doing that at all.

  • Divab

    and another thing… This is just a reflection of how the young generation has no respect! Al Sharpton like 68 or something while Wayne is like 24, 25! OMG.. Is this high mofo serious!??

    Where is the respect!?

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