Disciplinary Action

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Kanye proves the theory that every action has an equal and opposite reaction:

“Word to the wise – don’t throw sh*t at a Kanye West concert. A couple of stunned concert-goers were called out by West after they threw something on the stage. Embarrassment ensued as lights were shone on them and they were escorted away as the crowd jeered them.”

Click HERE to watch those mark-ass punks get da boot.

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  • Kas


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  • Kas


  • mrslaadee

    I have never understood why people would pay a lot of money to go to a concert, then be dumb enough to do something to get kicked out and possibly banned from the arena. I live in DC and these fools do the same thing at the Redskin games. And lord knows everyone who lives in the DMV knows how hard it is to get Redskin tickets and how fast they will kick your ass out the stadium for doing something dumb. And if necessary, they will lock you up off the quickness too.

  • Kas

    dont rub it in whoa

  • I'm Just Me


    1-2 put ’em on blast, put ’em on blast, put ’em on blast!!!

    But the person laughing sounded like a daggone hyena!

  • Celebrity CSI

    Didn’t these phools know that this was the Glow in the Dark tour? Well you were illuminated…lol

  • NY2CaliLvn

    damn HOMEY dont play dat

  • Aunt Viv

    Wow Kanye…

  • lil latte

    It was probably some idiot that got free tickets…

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    well well well…

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re (They're only your friends when you've got Snickers)

    Bwahahahahahaha, get ’em Kanyeezee

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (fka Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    After seeing Kanye West’s Show when he came to my town I understood why he got mad at the writers who gave his Live Performance a poor review… Naw, hands down BEST Live Performance I’ve ever seen — This joint topped when I saw Jay-Z bring out Nas – no bulls#it… He makes good use of special effects, sequence of songs and he has A LOT of hits… Well worth your money to go and see him…

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!


    LOL!..i could never..anytime there is an artist i have no interest in watching perform, i use their stage time as my bathroom break.. 😎

  • Link


    ” have never understood why people would pay a lot of money to go to a concert, then be dumb enough to do something to get kicked out and possibly banned from the arena.”

    Co-sign. Some people are just str8 retared. SMH.

  • Jahpson

    now you know you dont throw things at the Kind!!


  • kigali Weaves R4 Trannies


    Throwing beer bottles? You think thats safe? I mean if someone didnt like the work you did you’d expect them not to hurl glass at you. Moron.

  • Vinandi

    I bet it was Alex Fifer’s homeies!!!

  • http://braibrai@yahoo.com ms braided beauty chicagos own stepper

    I dont blame Kanye.. id kick they azzes out too… what idiot throws things on stage like a kid… boo your azz and go home if you dont like it dont go anymore….. childish and simple minded!!!!

  • http://braibrai@yahoo.com ms braided beauty chicagos own stepper

    Kigali … i agree with you..dumb azz idiots.. thats how shyt gets started… dont start no shyt and it wont be none!!!

  • Bozo D. Clown

    You wanna know what’s really funny about that video? At :59, the dude doing the filming says, “I got that on YouTube.” That’s right, a YouTube shoutout…

    Livesteez… Wick, wick, WHACK!

  • 1potter1

    I don’t understand why they would throw something on the stage either. That’s just plain not smart. Then I think about what if he threw something off the stage at them, then they would have been trying to sue and everything else. So,they are lucky they just got the boot. Dummies.

  • memchee

    that’s the way bullish should be handled……

    don’t go bodying assholes into a live audience when u got more fame than loot..

  • EffYou

    lights were “shone” ?

  • n_satiable

    I’m not going to back them up for acting stupid and throwing stuff…but am I the only one who sees the irony in KANYE getting on somebody about how they behave in public with some of the stuff he’s done in the past? Karma….

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