Fists of Fury

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

This 5 year old swings like a prize fighter. Click HERE to watch this outrageous clip of the “Kindergarten Champ.” Please Lawd – don’t ever let this child become a bully.

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  • You SMELL me?

    good god he is fast….

  • innocent bystander


    She won’t have to worry about bullys or boys hittin her. Go Lil Laila!!!

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    Please Lawd – don’t let this child ever become a bully.

    I bet you 1 fruit roll-up this child already is

  • swoosh

    saw this kid on the rundown somebody better watch out

  • num1dominicano

    damn….junior is dad’s 401k plan….

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (fka Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    Damn Lil’ Man is nice with his hands…

    Now how good is he with respects to “math” & “reading”…

    How ’bout “Math, Math”…

    This is nice and all be we REALLY need to stop focusing on sports and entertainment and start emphasizing education, if you wanna “keep it all the way real”…

    Only 1 in 5 million kids make it into the NBA…

    The average career of someone in the NFL is 3 years…

    And with respects to boxing, with all them blows to the head = brain damage, etc…

    But anyways, good luck to Lil’ Man I wish him success in Boxing – I’m always for my people doing well…


    talk about super fast fist. Ouch did he just hit me

  • african_4_eva

    Excuse me?!?!

    I bet you I’d kick his little “Tyson/Hollyfield-In-Training” lookin’ a$$ if he tried to bully my lil’ brother!!!

    No Shame.

  • innocent bystander

    My bad didn’t look at the clip, just saw the pontail and though “girl”. lololol disregard previous post

  • innocent bystander

    grammar check *ponytail* *thought*. been a long day but TGIF

  • lil latte

    too young sorry


    Crisp! Hell…my old ass still can’t pull combos like that.Hope he ends up a BIO-MECH ENGINEER.If not…16 years from now WHEN THE UFC AND MMA DOMINATE COMBAT SPORTS…I look forward to seeing him.A little Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu around age 16 should round things off nicely.

  • fattygirl218

    oh my…. he is like super fast, that little boy cant be only 5 son…..

  • James

    instead of his parents teaching him to punch out books and his school work, hes falling into the typical black stereotype of sports and entertainment and no brains. It behooves me when i am on the train and jewish kids are reading the wall street journal while blacks are talking about the new 50 cent cd or rap video, and you wonder why people see us minorities as stupid and dumb, thanks a lot blacks.

  • Lady elle


    hopefully they are will raise him to be a well rounded individual.

  • 1TruDiva w/Princess Mykel!

    His momma BETTA have a chance with that belt–

    I’d sneak up on the lil bastid while he’s ssleep and punch him in the throat!!!


  • Corey

    Uh, James, how the hell do you know what this kid is doing outside of boxing? LOL at you acting like you know his whole life by watchin him train for 2 minutes. He could be a damm genius for all you know.

    SMH at the first kid in elementary school who picks on him and gets knocked the fukk out.

  • E. Junior

    …why yall simple fools worried about his future and stuff. he only like 5 years old and yall dont even know him…lol

  • MrRawls

    Its very sad that people think that this kid is not being educated because he is black. Here we had approximately 2:00+ minutes of tape on him and people are already speculating about what his parents are not doing right. Black people, you make me body hate on us, like us.


    Now that’s straight up discipline!

  • J0k3r

    I can take his little ass! I’ve watched Rocky Balboa before!

  • Ontheruneating

    James, how the hell do you know that kid has no brains?????

    It is very obvious how focused he is and I am positive that will translate into academic success.

    BTW – The kid is only 5!!! What books does he need to get into at 5! He’s already way ahead of everyone in his class, in many respects.

    The kid is talented and his parents are doing an excellent job with him. The kid is fast. In order to move fast you have to think fast. The kid will do well in life, sports/academics/and everything else!


  • Ontheruneating

    James you area a damn fool!

    James said – “It behooves me when i am on the train and jewish kids are reading the wall street journal while blacks are talking about the new 50 cent cd or rap video, and you wonder why people see us minorities as stupid and dumb”

    James you stupid idiot; Do you know what the word behoove means???? Obviously NOT!

    Behoove means benefit, as in “It would behoove you to take an English class.”

    How the hell does it behoove you to see Jewish kids reading the Wall Street Journal???? I’m sure you meant to say it baffles you, or shocks you.

    Now whose the one with NOOOOOOO Brains! I’m sure the 5 year old boxer is smarter than you.

    YOU are the reason people think blacks are stupid and dumb. YOU James, you’re the reason!

  • stallion

    @James. STFU, you are an idiot and a depressive race mongering fool who wishes he was someone else.

    Anyway, at 5 yrs old the little boy shows dedication and focus, and I’m sure that translates into other parts of his life. He’s ahead of most 5 yr olds his age.

  • Dolla Bill

    Lil man is nice with those hands indeed.

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