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A big GOOFBALL’s being called out for a series of tweets questioning the attractiveness of a soul songstress. Unknown NFL baller Kyle Queiro recently tweeted (and deleted) a question about Jill Scott.

“People are attracted to JILL SCOTT!?,” he said in a now-deleted tweet.

He added; “by no means is she ugly. But y’all really sexually aroused by her huh? […] So it’s an energy thing. Got it.”

SMH, really?

Kyle was swiftly gathered for unnecessarily coming for the singer and for clearly having a lack of taste. Even Tory Lanez hopped in and said “You can’t trust a n*** that don’t find Jill Scott attractive”…

and Questlove added that Jilly’s the “sexiest human EVER” while Black Twitter joined in and dragged Kyle relentlessly.

Kyle Queiro has responded with a half-a$$ed ashy a$$ apology.

“I tried to explain my tweet after realizing how poorly it was worded and conveyed,” he tweeted. “I didn’t grow up on Jill Scott so it was news to me that was a sex symbol, and I just tweeted. Stupidly. It was best just delete it & take my L.”

“I’ve also seen people equating my tweet to both: fat shaming and a hatred of black women. With how prevalent that is, I can understand why people may feel that way. But that is not the case here.”

Another full apology from the NFL player reads;


Jilly from Philly herself has responded and she’s urging people to keep their eye on the prize; getting justice for murdered black women like Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, and Oluwatoyin Salau.

She also thanked everyone for their compliments and shared some wisdom.


Jill Scott isn’t only attractive, she’s also actually relevant.

Jill Scott

Source: Getty / Getty

Enjoy irrelevancy, Kyle!


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