What is Wrong with This Picture???: Shaving Half the Head Has Gone too Far… SMH

- By Bossip Staff

Do you recognize this little girl??? Her family has made a name for themselves in the movie industry, but what we want to know is… Why would you allow your 8-year-old little girl do this to her hair???

Wow… SMH @ Will and Jada!!! What exactly did little Willow say to convince the two of you to allow her to get this hair cut???

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  • animatedreality

    what were they thinking?

  • Marquis de Sade

    Poor thing. She has her daddy’s ears.

  • Somali Ninga

    @ Marquis de Sade
    LOL ur right, but will and willow’s ears are cute!!

  • Somali Ninga

    jaden’s hair is a MESS!!!!

  • T

    The ears and eyes. The eyes are cool (no homo), but ears are only for Opie.

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Hollywood has gone to their heads. I mean seriously.

  • shaune

    I think its cute,jada and will cant do no wrong.its the stlye, my mom use to have my here done up like anita baker and i was cute.she’s making sure her daughter dont rebel,so they have a connection,from now,let it be style r cooking.I love jada way before she marry will

  • Riiiiiggghhhtt...

    damn if she doesn’t have will smith’s ears. that’s some crazy ish…now they have her looking like cassie and lala? IT’S NOT CUTE! they must think b/c they are famous and rich that it’s okay, which makes me have even less respect for them. NEXT.

  • Desi

    Yes, she’s too young for that haircut but I think it’s really cute and it suits her well.The son does need a haircut though.

  • B3 Fearless

    Her hair looks cute. She’s appropriately styled and dressed for her age. She does have Will’s ears and Jada’s eyes. They are both cute kids!

  • Reality Check

    We all knew that was Will’s daughter, with those Twilight werewolf ears ..

  • JennyBaby

    Ok, this is a little more interesting than Tiger Woods.

  • Okay

    And her hair will grow back…so what is the problem? PPl stay out of other ppl’s lives! Live your own…..2 all the parents out there……you might be coming down on Will and Jada for this but what are you letting your kids do? Y don’t you put that on front street…..so that others can talk about you too….GTFOH with all sh*t you negative ppl have to say….what’s the big deal? They know where their daughter/kids are at all times, they are probably more educated than a lot of us put together……I say until they do something that puts the child in danger……we/you negative ppl should leave them the !F! alone.

  • Okay

    And I meant educated as far as globally educated….so don’t get it twisted…..for some ppl the other comment might be more appreciated……..lol (just kidding)

  • what that?

    the question is about the sons’ head!!! i love the nature look of a fro..but it is a little extreme…

  • Nikki88

    who cares, it looks cute…besides shes a kid…let her have some fun with her hair.

  • Angee (Really Looking Forward to January 1st, 2010)!!

    I didn’t get my first real haircut until I was in High School, but it’s a new day.

  • essie

    obviously all the people hating on Willow and Jaden’s hair are boring side-part-under heffa’s. it’s hair: it will grow back!!

  • coco lndn

    what a beautiful family! i think its great willow is developing her own style and learning to be comfortable with herself at such a young age..individuality should be applauded, not ridiculed.

  • Professor X

    anyone talking bad about this kid is obviously ugly as hell inside. I don’t even need to look at you to tell…

    for the record, she is adorable.

  • STFU Already?!?

    Ya’ll should shut up. She’s going to be gorgeous. So what she has her brother’s hairstyle and he has hers. They are Hollyweird royalty. I think it’s dope!


    Wowww..shes beautiful….hair grows back people!!….her look is interesting…she may have big ears but her look is intriging!..BEAUTIFUL BLACK FAMILY PERIOD!!

  • dia

    shes eight she has plenty of years to grow it back.. like the time i cut off my eyebrows, they grew back and now they look fine

  • chaka1

    That little girl is cute! She’s too young for that cut though. As a for the boy…SMH

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