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Amid Social And Corporate Pressure, Washington Washington Football Team Consider Name Change

Source: Drew Angerer / Getty

In this new era of awakening toward the systemic racism that is pervasive in American society, there is one vestige of blatant bigotry that “we, the people” have accepted and championed for FAR too long. The insanely offensive names of many professional and college sports teams.

Despite years of public protests and a quiet dissenting discourse, names like the Braves, Chiefs, Seminoles, Blackhawks, Indians, and are still standing tall with defiant and misplaced pride. Well, at least five out of six are.

This morning, the NFL’s Washington team formally announced that they would be forgoing their racist a$$ name for something that isn’t, ya know, wildly offensive to Native Americans whose ancestors who were slaughtered on THEIR LAND at the hands of unscrupulous white men who wanted to steal it.

Strangely, this announcement comes from a Twitter account that still bares the racist name. That said, it’s about muthaf***in time. Seriously, can you imagine if there was a team that represented a Black city like Atlanta called the Bankhead Blackskins? What if that team’s logo was a picture of Akon and white fans packed the stadiums wearing kente cloth and Zulu masks? There’s no way in Satan’s fiery hell that something like that would be socially acceptable. So, why not extend that same level of understanding and empathy toward native peoples? This team has been marred by racist etymology from the very beginning. The team was first founded in Boston, Massachusetts as the Braves in 1932. The name was changed to Washington Football Team” the following year and in 1937, the organization relocated to Washington, D.C.

When people practically tear their rotator cuff to pat themselves on the back talking about all the “progress” that this KKKountry has made over the past 60 years, don’t drink the juice.

America is as racist as it ever was and the country’s opposition to flushing the system of that poison is as hypocritical as it is harrowing.

If you’re a true believer in the “American values” that purportedly exist, then you should have no problem with this change. But we all know the real…because if they REALLY cared this would never have been a thing in the first damn place.


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