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Remember the white woman from Michigan who was seen in a viral video pulling a gun on a Black mother and daughter outside of Chipotle? Well, they recently did an interview with WXYZ in Detroit to boo-hoo and play victim as these types of people usually do.

The Karen, Jillian Wuestenberg, and her Kody, husband Eric Wuestenberg, spoke to the news station about the incident that clearly puts her in the wrong to claim that they were on the receiving end of “ethnic intimidation” and feared for their lives. Apparently, they thought that the women were gonna pull a bazooka out of their bag of food and blow up the parking lot. Smh.

Both Karen and Kody have been charged with felony assault and reporter Jim Kiertzner had quite a few questions about why they felt the need to produce firearms when the argument was verbal and never escalated into physical acts of violence.

“So, you felt like you had no choice but to pull the gun?” 7 Action News Reporter Jim Kiertzner asked.

“I grew up around lots of handguns, lots of rifles,” Jillian said. “They are just everyday part of life. It was just something that was there.”

“You’re seen chambering the bullet,” Kiertzner said. “That means business.”

“That meant I am about to die and I don’t want to die,” Jillian said.

This type of hyperbole is par for the course for white folks, especially the women, who feel that anyone with dark skin who is expressing anger is a threat to their lives. Likely because they know the history of their own amoral people and fear righteous retaliation. Thing is, if Black folks wanted violent retaliation we would have done that a LONG time ago. At this point we just want to be left alone and not threatened with death or dismemberment because some WASPy broad with varicose veins is shook.

Press play on the clip below to watch the web of bulls#!t that Karen and Kody try to spin. We hope they both go to prison.



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