Elin is in Talks With Divorce Lawyers; Gillette Limits Tiger’s Role

- By Bossip Staff

Tiger’s “bottom Becky” is reportedly dumping him after Christmas:

Shattered Swedish model Elin Nordegren is in talks with divorce lawyers but keeping up a show of normal family life for the sake of their two children.

With her mind in turmoil over what to do, Elin wants to spend Christmas with Tiger and the kids in Sweden before a trial separation in the New Year, she confided to a close friend. And last night, as major sponsor Gillette DROPPED the disgraced golf superstar from their advertising, the pal told us: “Elin will pretend it’s the usual family celebration for the children and then ditch the man. In the short-term they’ll act like any other loving couple. Elin won’t break it all up right away. But she does need some time alone to herself and a legal separation will happen very quickly.” As lurid details emerged of Tiger’s serial flings, furious Elin, 29, told him: “Don’t talk to me, speak to your therapist! I don’t want to see you!”

To prove her point she has ALREADY moved herself and the children – two-year-old daughter Sam and 10-month-old son Charlie – OUT of the marital home to a separate house 200 yards down the road in Windermere, Florida. And later will come the big move across the world – to the new Faglaro mansion she’s bought on an island near Stockholm. Elin’s plans come as the News of the World reveals that shamed Tiger, 33, argued with his Swedish mother-in-law just minutes before she collapsed and was dramatically rushed into the hospital this week.

Another sponsor giving Tiger some ‘breathing room’:

Gillette said Saturday it was “limiting” golfer Tiger Woods’ role in its marketing programs to give him the privacy he needs to work on family relationships after disclosures of his “infidelity.”

In a statement, the Boston, Massachusetts-based body grooming company said it supports Woods’ decision to take “an indefinite break” from professional golf. “In the midst of a difficult and unfortunate situation, we respect the action Tiger is taking to restore the trust of his family, friends and fans,” Gillette spokesman Mike Norton said in the statement. “We fully support him stepping back from his professional career and taking the time he needs to do what matters most. We wish him and his family the best.

Man, we don’t think we have anymore commentary left for this crazy Tiger Woods fiasco except for a big a*s “SMH.”

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  • dsgsgg

    He’ll be back………….

    And now he’ll know who is real friends are…….

  • dsgsgg


  • memchee

    smart on her part..

    cheetah’s about to find out what it means to be rich & lonely.

    lonely as in, only people around will be people in want of cash.

  • Get Real

    I don’t blame her. Get the money & go. You have one life. Be happy.

  • Meisha

    I don’t get it. Was his wife a nanny or a model or both?!

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536™

    I cant get over the woman Jamie Grubbs that lied and said she didnt know he was married.. come on heifer his pictures of him and his wife were all over the tv and newspapers.. I hate liars!

  • jandsmama

    (clap,clap,clap) Bravo Elin! I hate to see any marriage dissolve but Elin has to do what is best for herself and her children.

  • Brown All Over

    She should make him take an HIV test before she divorces his ass

  • Janae

    I honestly can’t blame her. I think women shouldn’t be surprised when these EXTREMELY wealthy, high-profile men have affairs. That’s what MOST of them do. But, Tiger’s behavior has been RIDICULOUS and RISKY. I’m appalled. If they GENUINELY love EACH OTHER, I hope they can work things out. But, IF NOT, I think she should move on. His behavior has been OUT OF CONTROL.

  • Janae

    @ Meisha

    “I don’t get it. Was his wife a nanny or a model or both?!”

    She was both. But, I don’t think she was a “big time” model. I think she was primarily a nanny.

  • joe camel fan

    good let her go. that’s means more freedom and more women for tiger to enjoy


    LAWD! What dat clean white woman doing with a pretty black man! Them latinos don’t like that down here. They own the white woman in Miami. He lucky he play golf. I would trap him with some ashy nappy babies. I have to go, Mr Rodriguez need a blowjob and his windows clean.

  • Janae

    @ Brotherman

    “She should go back to where she came from besides she’s not getting any better with age anyway. ”

    (On a side note: I think her resemblance to her mother is increasing with age [NOT a GOOD thing], but she’s still LIGHTYEARS beyond her mother in the looks department and an attractive woman.)

    If this woman WAS only with Tiger for his money (which I think was probably the original “allure” of the marriage, then I ALSO thought she should leave. But, the only thing about that is the fact that Tiger’s children will most likely be going with her, and I PERSONALLY think that SHOULDN’T HAPPEN. (I know she wouldn’t be taking MY kids that many miles away from ME. And, ON TOP OF THAT, living with ANOTHER man, off of MY money, and having MY kids call HIM “Daddy”. NO SIR. Tiger messed up BAD, and he’d better figure out what he wants and “get it together”.)

  • Janae

    @ Brotherman

    I SHOULD have typed, “Tiger messed up BADLY”.

  • Kingkumatut

    They can have Tiger Woo. The wolves not done with him yet. He ain’t black man anyway.

  • Cutie

    @ Janae
    ….And, ON TOP OF THAT, living with ANOTHER man, off of MY money, and having MY kids call HIM “Daddy”. NO SIR.


    MOG..this sounds like the OJ Simpson episode repeating itself ALL OVA again. Déjà Vu for real!

  • Cutie

    ^ OMG (I feel dyslexic today)

  • Jamillah

    Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Damn, Damn, Damn.

  • Janae

    @ Cutie

    “MOG..this sounds like the OJ Simpson episode repeating itself ALL OVA again. Déjà Vu for real!”

    Yeah, but FORTUNATELY, Tiger doesn’t seem to be as “crazy” as OJ. But, I DO think women should think twice before they think they can walk off with a man’s money and kids and do whatever they want (though Elin hasn’t “gone there” yet)–PARTICULARLY when the man “made” them and gave them “everything” they have. Getting “made” by other people has its “price” and “consequences”.

  • Lakeshow

    Tiger “I’m not Black” Woods deserve everything that is happening to him! Perfect!!!

  • Sydney™

    From the NY Daily News:


    The Florida Department of Children and Families paid a visited Tiger Woods’ Florida home on Saturday, according to reports.

    The agency went to the golfer’s mansion mid-day, accompanied by a marked police car, radaronline.com reports without naming information sources.

    Officials, though, wouldn’t confirm or deny the report.

    “Child abuse, adult investigations in the state of Florida are confidential,” said Carrie Hoeppner, an agency spokeswoman, told the Daily News. “I’m just not able by law to give confirmation about whether we visited the family and that is in the interest of protecting the child.”

    It’s protocol for the state department to investigate domestic violence that occurs in homes.

  • WordtotheWise

    Hi there, Sydney!

    What??? Are you kidding me? I really don’t believe that. Tiger, the cheatah, yes. Abusing the children, that’s a stretch. I don’t know about that.

  • Sydney™

    Hey WordtotheWise!

    A friend told me yesterday that she recently saw a segment on one of the tabloid shows — perhaps “Inside Edition” — that there have been prior reports of heated arguments between Tiger and Elin, and there was a alleged incident over the summer in which she damaged property (I haven’t been able to find anything online about this allegation, however).

    If the reports are true that she threw a cell phone at him and caused him bodily harm, then I think that may have been what prompted this visit (if it did, in fact, happen). That would still be considered domestic violence, to my knowledge.

  • Sydney™

    I think Tiger may have himself a tigress. . .

  • Sydney™

    *an alleged* Please pardon the typos.

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