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Check out Erykah Badu performing at the Greek Theater last night rockin that typical arbitrary swag like she do. SMH at her still sportin’ that mega-fro.

A tad more Baduizms as well as John Legend at club Foxtails and TImbaland at Cipriani under the hood.


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  • lil nicky


  • Lady elle

    MY SISTER…..



  • brdnbutta

    hmm, her concert swag was definitely different from this when she came through memphis… i expected her to be looking crazy, but she was looking pretty fly in a form fitting dress and cute hat. regardless the sista is fantastic on stage

  • Change is on the Way! YES WE CAN!!!

    her live show is great! more than I can say about most artists these days!

  • K-mia

    she’s amazing….and soooo gorgeous….i love her!!!

  • My son's parole officer said it's gonna be alright!


  • Crackalicious

    Love this woman, when she came to my country a few years back she was so nice to her backupsingers, who was a regular local, and even bought a nice stageoutfit for one of them, yes she went to the dress store with the girl! What an artist, she’s generous humble and incredible talented.

    Love Miss Badu!

  • L

    Badu is bad. Brought a friend with me to one of her concerts. He liked her okay before the concert but after the concert he had a newfound appreciation for her. He didnt expect her to be so good. I absolutely love her. Although…I’m not feeling her new CD so much.

  • spinner 22

    Badu is in a league of her own Great artist and performer on stage expect her cd on the grammy list for sure

  • TM

    This is the same getup she wore when I saw her in concert last week. Erykah’s performance was alright.

  • kigali Weaves R4 Trannies

    Gonna see her in London in two weeks. Hey hey hey….

  • Kimmy - Arizona/Chicago


    your lucky!

  • Lola Am

    has she released a second single yet?

  • Marshabio

    Why is this woman not appreciated? I was shocked to learn that her lastest CD hasn’t even sold a half million copies. Bought it the day it came out and have listened to it everyday since! I have all of her music. She is beyond awesome.

  • JamaicanBritChick

    I have always been a big fan of Miss Badu but her last album disappointed me. Maybe she is doing something new that I ain’t ready for. But it cannot compare to her Baduizm album which I still rock almost every week.

  • hello cunts

    im sorry but her fro is disgusting looks dry and matted and the outfit is not working

  • Shavon Denise

    Love Erykah!!! One of the last of a dying breed of sould singers that didnt let the fickle music industry turn them out. She’s soooo beautiful inside and out.

  • Ms Sharmaine

    You got to love Erykah Badu!

    She is a individual with no apology. She does not feel that the industry defines her but she defines her music.

    I have always been a fan and will stay a fan.

    Power to Baduizm.

  • thebestlady

    Erykah Badu….


    A feminist in an age where sex is selling like hotcakes. Erykah earns respect and appreciation with the pull of her art.

    SHE IS MY FAVORITE without question.

  • blackman10


    talent with class and style not just selling booty for $$$.



  • That Girl Linda

    I didn’t like her new CD but Mama’s Gun IMO is the best one.

  • Submerge

    @ GIRL Linda

    I’m a huge fan!! I’ve seen her in concert a couple of times, she is amazing. But apparently, I’m not ready for her new stuff. I bought Worldwide Underground and although I liked a few tracks it is not the classic that Mama’s Gun is by far. I don’t even want to waste my money on the new stuff. I thought honey was a wack attempt at the old Badu stuff. Although, I will never stop loving Erykah just wanted to ask is anybody feeling the new stuff??

  • Nina Knows

    I love Erykah Badu, and her latest CD is the BEST by far. People are not ready for the level of real truth she brings. If the song isnt sung in lamens terms, then they wont get it. Research what she’s talking about. I cant believe some black folks sometimes. She really thinks outside the box…if you dont get the last album, then you dont get her or yourself for that matter.

  • spinner 22

    Badu Badu Love her

    Oh theres john and his gal oh and i see she still wearing the same clothes as always black and white even the same colors too worst dress model of the millenlium

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