Tha Boss Lady Caught Driving Under The Influence

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Snoop’s wife was arrested for DUI this weekend:

The wife of Grammy-nominated rap artist Snoop Dogg was arrested in Fullerton early Saturday on suspicion of drunk driving, police said. Shante Broadus, 32, was stopped by police near Highland and Orangethorpe avenues about 12:15 a.m. and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, said Fullerton Police Lt. Craig Brower. Broadus, a resident of Sherman Oaks, was taken to Fullerton City Jail, where she was booked, issued a citation to appear in court and released, Brower said. He said Broadus would appear in court next month. Brower could not comment on why officers stopped Broadus, the vehicle she was driving or whether other people were in the vehicle.

Damn, we know they can afford a driver. SMH.


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  • that one girl

    Homegirl needs some ambi. Her hair look aight though.


    second!!! but that lady is stupid, i completely changed my outlook on her!

  • missdee

    What’s with all of these celebs drinking and driving??? They aren’t gonna be happy til they kill some damn body! They should have locked her ass up!

  • ArmyWife

    We’ve got to start representing ourselves better…SMH

  • kigali Weaves R4 Trannies

    @that one girl,

    This is the second time someone has suggested Ambi to treat blemished skin. That stuff doesnt work. You need medically prescribed bleaching cream with atleast 4% Hydroquinone. It doesnt work overnight either. Besides if she has acne, she needs to deal with that first and acne is difficult to treat. Best love yourself the way you are.

  • Busted

    Oh my!!! Her face is a MESS. She needs that Obagi Treatment with the chemical peels and “the boss” too can have clear skin.

    Doesn’t she look like that crazy MARTA girl???

  • kigali Weaves R4 Trannies


    Girl please. A few of them have already. Anyway they drink and drive just as often as us regular folk. Do you know how many people are killed, injured, arrested, because of drunk driving a year? Thousands upon thousands, upon thousands.

  • R U Kidding Me?

    OMG- this is what you call a mug shot. I completely loved her on the show, but my perception has forever been altered by this incident. WOW!

  • Sit yo five dolla a*s down before I make change!

    Can we say Proactiv? Dayum…..LOL….where is your hubby when you need him to drive you for a liquor store run…

  • TrixiePixie Tees

    Disappointed because people really need to be more responsible with their driving

  • Somer


  • as seen on t.v.

    why don’t they ever send for a car service….it’s amazing that they will take a service when they are sober but never when they are drunk…

  • Ms. Doagae

    Good morning! Happy Fathers day!

  • {{ THE INFAMOUS}} Ms. Sugar Walls


    I SAID



    is up with her face? damn, she could at least applied some foundation before she took this photo! DAMN! NO Wonder why snoop be fu*cking other chicks! UGHH! He can come here anytime baby! MY face doesn’t look like that! MAYBE..just maybe she couldn’t take that fact that lil bossy isn’t snoops! I MEAN COME ON…YALL know that isn’t his child. HIS BOYS are cute! LOOK just like him!

  • Explain This

    @ kigali Weaves R4 Trannies

    @that one girl,

    Ambi works better on young skin (teens – early 20s), at age 32 she may need to take a different approach to getting rid of scarring. I know the spa’s and dermatologists have new advanced treatments for this type of thing that isn’t harsh on the skin.

    I’ve always wondered about that Makari product, though.


    Call SN double OP DO double G!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Aoki Lee

    From the slow way she moved & talked on their reality show I got the impression she smoked MAD WEED- I’m not shocked by this news at all.

  • Aoki Lee

    She probably was at her girl Tay Tay & em house getting them braids put in drinking & getting faded.

    She is Snoop’s wife for crying out loud one of the few sisters actually married to a rapper & this is how she choses to rep herself on a daily basis?

    Granted it’s a mug shot but there’s no excuse for the skin on her face to be so poorly cared for! She can afford to have a dermatologist at her beck & call- I do!!! I live & work in a stressful environment if I get a blemish I call my derm & he straightens out my situation lickety split!!

    Ladies: There’s no excuse for looking a mess in 2008!! Looking great begins from the inside, eating well balanced wholesome meals, but if something does go awry best believe you don’t have to walk around looking horrible – get it fixed!

  • And.....(with 5 dots)

    Not surprising here. She always look high, drunk, and mad on TV. I’d probably look the same way if I was married to Snoop.

  • Juicy R

    woww!! she needs to go to the skin doctor and try some retina A, proactive, differin all those acne meds.

    they really must of did strong retouching on the show because she didn’t look like that on there.


    @ Busted u r right OBAGI is the best I have tried them all but nothing worked like that. My skin is so radiant now. Anyway- She is stressed no need to say why.

  • Ms Sharmaine

    She probably thought she was cool to drive.

    Thankfully no one was hurt by her poor judgement.

    Normally being arrested scaries the s**t out of people. So I hope she learned her lesson.

  • Link

    Well as it looks from the picture-she looks like she had one hell of a time doing what she was doing. But something that I question is this:

    “Brower could not comment on why officers stopped Broadus, the vehicle she was driving or whether other people were in the vehicle.”

    Uh???? Police have to have a good reason to pull you over. Was she swervin’ or is this just other case of racial profiling.

  • lolo127

    wow she played her self and i know she is sooooooo

    done with her self,and her husband, and kid’s

    wow,,,hope she was by her self in that car.

    and yes she is stressed about something more

    then just drinking,,,,,

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