SNL is Not Done Making a Fool Out of Kanye West

- By Bossip Staff

Saturday Night Live is still making a mockery of the Kanye West incident at the VMA’s. First they had Taylor Swift come laugh out her frustration, now they gave Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Taylor Lautner, one of the actors from New Moon, the chance to finally stand up for his girlfriend, since he did nothing when it happened… SMH.

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Awww, that was cute, but if he was really there when it happened, then he should have stepped to Kanye. Don’t wait til 10 months go by but… we will give him an “A” for effort.

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  • KeepNit2Real

    I hope Kanye kick his asz!

  • aleximaq

    This is sooo stupid….but kanye deserves it…


    what a lame..Kanye is the reason his girl getting the recognition she getting now

    SNL needs to get over it.. that sh*t happened mad long ago

  • drenk

    yea this is way too late to be funny or relevant, punk @$$ didnt have the bawlz to do it when it happened, just looks dumb now and cowardly

  • derrick

    well in his defense, he wasn’t dating taylor swift then…
    i bet if it wasn’t for kanye’s action, they probably would never have dated,
    after kanye, taylor has gotten ALOT of attention, and many people who never heard of her…finally heard of her after the incident..
    so thanks to kayne, taylor

  • Nikki88

    ugh..really….ppl need to move on

  • dia

    ok SNL needs new writers, and taylor wasnt even going out with her at the time

  • MizASterling


  • http://bossip MY BAAD>> weave makes me hurllll


  • Plain Jane

    Ok if this was supposed to be funny, it should have been done months ago. Shows you how “they” really feel about the incident; I bet they wish they could deliver a round house kick to Ol’ Kanye without getting their monkey a z z stomped, LOL!!!


    They need to leave Kanye alone. I tell ya, he made that girl famous! So why keep on bashing him and tearing him to shreds! I support my fellow black brotha, he paid his dues. Taylor should just thank him and move on. But, now I’m starting believe this is a racially motivated act towards Kanye and they want to make an example out of him for blocking the WHITE WOMAN! Kanye come out and don’t be scared of these WHITE DEVILS. Let give the same white man this type of treatment and we would be called ignorant and everything else. White people are no better than blacks and they mess stinks just like any other race. Let me clear this up I AM NOT SPEAKING TO ALL WHITE PEOPLE JUST THE RACIST WHITE PEOPLE THAT KEEP TRYING TO DESTROY OUR BLACK BROTHA!



  • Lili

    Lighten up guys, it’s not a big deal. It was cute and funny. Especially since his a.s.s didn’t give a d.a.m.n when he was on stage during the actual occurrence.

    The industry is poking for for our sake; they really don’t care about that situation.

    Kanye is still creating music, still getting money, and his fans will still be there whenever he’s done with his extended vacation.

    Trust and believe he will be performing on SNL within a year.

  • Lili

    *fun for our (the audience/the public’s) sake.

  • Wait A Minute

    I want to do a round off on everybody at SNL and both Taylors~~~This isn’t funny anymore and i’m getting offended for YE~~~All these white people clowning on my boy HELL NAW~~~Kanye need to sue all they a$$ for slander and let the joke be on them~~~Please somebody need to start clowning they a$$ and stop letting YE get hung with a rope~~~Jay help ya boy~~~ I know you working for the devil~~~Getting that devil money~~~

  • rico 9

    you know the white boy wouldnt have done this in front of kanye

  • TheCenter

    @Wait a minute- if you think Jay is working for the devil, who do u think Ye is working for??



    Don’t get it twisted- Kanye is not suffering ONE BIT.

  • Wait A Minute

    @Lili~~~I get what your saying but for real it’s not funny anymore~~~Dude apologized over and over and their still hanging our boy by the balls~~~If I was YE~~~I would tell them to kiss my natural black a$$~~~They have tried to block him in everything~~~This is not entertaining at all~~~

  • Wait A Minute

    @TheCenter~~~I was trying to make that point~~~

    @rico 9~~~Damn right he wouldn’t have done that in front of Kanye~~~

    Right or wrong I support our black brotha and I’m tired of the whole damn issue~~~Kayne paid price and even stepped out spotlight to let this girl shine~~~ And YE has apologized over and over~~~This is just contributing to tearing the black community~~~So black people don’t diss any white people in public cause they will hang 10x fold~~~

  • elle

    Um…was I the only one that caught that “how u doin” moment when he blew that kiss, simply suspect.

  • TheCenter

    @Wait a Minute

    I’m trying to get you to understand- Kanye probably is not mad. Kanye’s rant was most likely planned. Read between the lines- suddenly Taylor Swift is the center of attention and is getting more fame and money than before the MTV incident.

    Some things are planned and orchestrated for our viewing pleasure and to sway public opinion.

    Don’t ever think that things that happen on MTV, of ALL (Viacom) channels, aren’t planned to a tee.

  • Jane Doe

    Now im actually glad that Kanye did what he did, Taylor is soo overrated. When Kanye comes back i’ll be welcoming him back with open arms..

  • Wait A Minute

    @TheCenter~~~I understand what your saying~~~But we will never know how YE actually feels until he comes out of hiding and face the media~~~Now if this is an orchestrated publicity stunt~~~Then he can officially kiss my natural black ass~~~But until then, there is enough room left for me to assume that this is a personal lynching attack on our brotha~~~Their trying to stop promoting his music,clothing line, callig him a gay fish and voted worst um something for 2009~~~ But I feel ya tho~~~

  • Close insider

    Kanye is ashamed and embarrassed for his actions and wish all the bashing would go away. Trust me white america is trying wipe Kanye off the map, but we need to support and uplift him. WWJD

  • Gmen

    Taylor Lautner is white pu$$y azz boy he need to stfu

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