Rihanna Covers GQ Topless!!

- By Bossip Staff

She went from “Lil Miss Sunshine” to “Good Girl Gone Bad” to “Rated R”…and now your girl Rihanna is gracing the cover of GQ magazine without a shirt on…

Pop the hatch to have a gander

As if that’s not enough, here’s some more of her shopping and photo of her covering her muffin…


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  • Bajan Babe

    Rihanna looks hot!

  • mis piggy

    is this necessary riri?

  • blackdiamond594

    that would go down good
    wit a dragon stout

  • Butterflygirl

    So much hate the girl looks hot. Beyonce doesn’t wear much and she is Married! Lay off the child. She looks great.

  • wash ya a**

    Beyonce has NOTHING on this Rhianna, look into her EYES, this girl is SEDUCTION. I agree she cant sing , but who does these days? she makes hit songs that stay on radio.The girl got lucky when Jay signed her. Do yall want her to quit her career and find a 9 to 5 now? She is still gonna make millions on tour, stay on magazines covers. Let the child be , do yall know that she is only 21 years old? I bet you there are some muthaffrzz on here darn near 30 plus years old hating on this young child.


    Go on Riri Live your life, get that paper cause it won’t last forever, unless you manage your money right and handle your business. Let the haters and fools continue with their hate.Go on and get your money, at least you are not taking some man to the cleaners like most women are doing these days.They think cause they married or pop out a child they can take men to court for all they have, cause they are entitle to it. Do you boo , do not ride on no ones d i c k unless it for your pleasure.

  • RCarter


  • http://blackstar69.com Saw This Story Here

    Anything to sell a CD!

  • wash ya a**

    @ beautyisbeauty

    right on , there is nothing to hate on her body or face.



  • BritChick

    Hmmm what next ..playboy?

    might as well since people arent into your music as such.

  • KPN

    LOVE the cover!! She looks HOT

  • Fashionized Diva

    thats hot!

  • bored

    Forget about the cover go over to brownsista and see the inside shot. Rihanna is trying out for Playboy! This hurts my heart for this young girl she has really gone there and she is not going to be able to come back after this!

  • Bossip is Obsessed with Rihanna

    So what!

  • Nique

    The cover is HOT!

    You dont have to like her but you cant deny this chick is always smokin

  • *P*

    I’m a huge Beyonce fan but come on people Rihanna’s style music and looks is undeniable..and stop comparing the two..Beyonce has been in this business for over a decade and still on top!!They’re in a league of their own and besides there’s room for more divas!!

  • ms. brandy baby

    2 words no talent!!!

  • To To

    Rihanna has a lot of talent… and swagger! Keep ya head up baby girl. We love u!

  • BritChick

    I wonder if those egging this girl on REALLY realises whats going on..some of you need to take your heads out of rihanna’s butt.

  • WhoGoneCheckMeBoo

    who cares…we already seen everything…this aint nothing new…hahah

  • Iknowi'mright

    I’m going to get 5 copies of that magazine!!!

  • celia

    she is a super star. Go robyn!!

  • LadyInBlack

    @DEALIA…U DUMB Bish…hell yea a woman has the right to take her lousy azz man to the fkn courts IF he isnt takin care of WHAT HE HELPED PRODUCED..its called fkn payback aka CONSEQUENCES….a woman doesnt JUST LAY DOWN AND GET HERSELF FKN PREGNANT. dumb bish.

  • Obamadrama

    um go n downnnnnnnnnnn! since my gurl aint around.

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