The Tiger Woods’ Ho Roster Continues…

- By Bossip Staff

Wow, it seems like this list is NEVER going to end. Next up, a 40 year-old cougar, and a young thang:

Theresa Rogers, a beauty with a home in Wellington, Florida, is the 14th mistress linked to Tiger Woods. Intriguingly, her affair with Tiger occurred both before AND after he married Elin, making her the mistress with the most longevity. She also is apparently the oldest of Tiger’s women, and is in her 40s. Sources tell that Rogers traveled with Tiger extensively during the past five years. She met him in various cities for sexual hookups. She is the only known woman to continue a relationship with him after he married.

Some dude from Texas, named Brian Kimbrough, says Tiger was getting it in with his then-girlfriend, Julie Postle:

Postle’s trysts and phone calls with the golfer continued even after Woods was married later that year, Kimbrough alleged. Kimbrough said that he ultimately broke up with Postle, who now lives in Texas, but that she recently contacted him to ask for his cellphone records — she was using one of his phones during the alleged Woods affair — so she and her lawyer could prove a hush-hush hookup. “She said she wasn’t pursuing it but [that] she couldn’t stop [Woods] from calling. She’d tell me he’d call, invite her out to dinner, invite her to play golf, invite over to his house,” he said.

“She said Tiger told her that his marriage was for publicity. She said it was for his image, and the tabloids and wasn’t real.” Several of Kimbrough’s claims were verified by Nola Coles, the mother of Postle’s former Orlando roommate, Morgan Coles — whose phone records, the mother said, also were sought because Tiger used to call Postle on Coles’ phone, too.

“Tiger was obsessed, really hunted her,” Nola Coles said. “He used to go into Roxy demanding Julie. ‘Where’s Julie? I want to see Julie.’ “She was 20, and I said, ‘You’ve got to get a condo out of this,’ ” the mother said, “and she said, ‘Oh, no, I can’t do that to Tiger.’ “

Man, we didn’t say these were classy hoes…

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