One-Time: Mike Vick’s Uncle Popped For Selling Heroin

- By Bossip Staff

Michael Vick’s uncle was just popped for running a heroin ring in Virginia:

Michael Vick’s uncle has been arrested and charged in a federal heroin bust in Newport News. Joseph Vick Jr., 57, of Newport News, is accused of…… being a midlevel distributor who was responsible for the distribution of heroin to more than 40 street-level dealers. He was one of 22 people arrested Thursday in a coordinated effort led by the FBI.

Joseph Vick is the brother of both Brenda Vick, the NFL star’s mother, and Councilwoman Tina Vick. Tina Vick confirmed Thursday that Joseph Vick is her brother, but she didn’t know he had been arrested. “I had not heard about any of that,” she said.

According to an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Newport News, Joseph Vick dealt drugs with his live-in girlfriend, Tonnette Williams, listed as either 42 or 43 years old, of Newport News. She’s also accused of being a midlevel distributor. “(Joseph) Vick and his live-in girlfriend … get bundles of heroin” from other drug dealers, “and Vick distributes the heroin,” according to the affidavit, written by Newport News Master Police Detective Brandon E. Price.

Bundles of heroin typically contain about 10 “bags,” which are equal to about 100 milligrams each. Confidential police informants purchased drugs five times from Joseph Vick, who was then living on 41st Street, the affidavit said. One informant made buys on Dec. 2, Dec. 11 and Dec. 13, 2008. Another informant bought drugs on Jan. 3 and Jan. 23, 2009.

The affidavit states Joseph Vick paid $60 per bundle, and sold them at a profit. One reference in the affidavit says he sold each bundle for $100 apiece, while another said he sold them for $200 each. The purchases were “monitored and recorded using video surveillance equipment,” according to the affidavit. In lab tests, the substances all came back as heroin. The two informants, the affidavit states, are “being compensated financially” for their cooperation.

What are they drinking over there? SMH


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  • KeepNit2Real

    Man, who cares if it’s Mike Vick’s fam or not? NEXT!

  • This some Shhh....

    I gots people in my family like that. Hell, everybody do.

  • MizASterling


    He’s on that stuff.

  • Sergio / Straight from Angola

    who cares….??? no one so next

  • Choco

    Damn this man is 57 and about to do some real time…Crime doesn’t pay ever….


    @ Choco

    Hey girlie. Are you and the boyfriend okay. Did you put it on him?

    Who cares that this is his uncle. My uncles do the same thing pr at least they did. NEXT………

  • BapBarbie

    They have the same eyes!!

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  • t

    dam he old…se young men..this is a good reason not to sell drugs..if u live to be an old man are you gonna keep selling and risk going to prison at the age of 50? ri-got-dam-di-cu-lous

  • Stop It!!!!!

    So what!! Michael Vick is not responsible for the actions of everyone in his family. This should not have even been posted.

  • Choco

    Hey Honey,

    Girl me and the beau got into it but I’m not trippn at all…and no I didn’t put it on him and don’t want as of now he irritated me acting all holier than thou GTFOH with that ish…but thanks for asking boo

  • Dizzy

    ay , dats my neck of da woods 757 !!!

  • ejdollas

    what a jackass!!!! he risked getting arrested for a lousy 40 to 130 dollars off drug bundles?? what a straight DUMB ^ what an idiot,


    @ Choco

    Mines is too. He is irritating me right now. he must have forgot that Christmas is here and so is his birthday. LOL

  • whrdeydodatat

    lmao @ “The two informants, the affidavit states, are “being compensated financially” for their cooperation”. da hardest niccas is always da 1’s dats snitchin…tellin on ya grandpops smh…

  • Sammwich

    “lmao @ “The two informants, the affidavit states, are “being compensated financially” for their cooperation”. da hardest niccas is always da 1’s dats snitchin…tellin on ya grandpops smh…”

    Those are probably users snitching. They cut deals to stay out of the joint *and* keep using – informants are not useful to the investigators if they are in lockup. You “financially compensate” them so that they have enough bread to go back on the streets, find the next dealer to feed their addiction and start the cycle again. Users are a dealers best friend *and* worst enemy the first time they get popped for drug possession/use.

  • Sammwich

    Hey, unc looks just like nephew.

  • Natural Smile

    So now the real story comes out. I recall them saying they went to his house looking for drugs and stumbled on the dogs. No one would drop dime on the drug ring and that’s why he had to do all of that time. The feds are a trip! I guess the music industry has more juice then the NFL bcuz T.I. is moving to a half-way house after 6 months. Mike didn’t move until the last 60 days.

  • ericka the sh$# disturber

    this whole ghetto family is just f#$ked up!

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