Chanel Iman Channels Minnie Mouse for VOGUE Germany

- By Bossip Staff

Chanel Iman is constantly making moves. In the December issue of Vogue Germany, she channels Minnie’s steez. Doesn’t really seem like the words Minnie, Disney and Couture go together. Are you feeling this???

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  • Somali Ninga

    dont those mouse ears represent Disney Programming by the Illuminati?

  • chaka1

    She is so thin. Photos are fabulous…

  • Re

    I love the one with the elephant…actually, I just love elephants period.



  • TrUtH

    Good job Somali Ninja! MK Ultra, Disney themes. Google it! Very sad…

  • TrUtH

    Good job Somali Ninja! MK Ultra, Disney themes. Google it! Very sad… May Jesus Christ bless her soul. 🙂

  • blackbeltshopper

    She is cute but,too thin.

  • her?yeah,her

    ugh, it’s fashion ,jeez! Chanel iman looks damn cute. and for the love of pete, this devil thing- stop giving this idea(or whatever) so much energy! God bless, not EVERYONE in entertainment is a corrupt devil worshipper. shoot, that girl prolly ain’t aware of this crap. there is evil all around, it’s the duty of the individual to know God and keep Him in the forefront of your life.

  • Sammwich

    She need to be channeling breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis.

  • RatedR

    the ones saying she is too thin are usually the BIG BISHS LMFAO AYYYYY

  • Country

    @her?yeah,her him who????

  • noelle

    That wig is actually a very nice hairstyle on her!!! Wow, she has the easiest job. Just take pictures and walk all day, lol.

  • D.V. ant(I eat Tortured Souls with Hot Sauce)

    that is when you truly have “it” when u can make ridiculousness look radiant.

    Go head Goddess!!!

  • Mieshad

    OMG!! Am I really that sick or is Mickey really between Minnie’s legs (with Minnie’s hands around her ankle? LOL!!! I hope it’s just my dirty mind. LOl

  • uhh yeah ok.

    Stopy playing. These photos are just “okay”. Concept is stupid.

  • uhh yeah ok.

    Only two photos she doesn’t look retarded in are the tree and the elephant ones.

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  • white male

    grossly thin

  • Missharvard

    These are gorgeous! Love this…a lot more than her other ones.

  • ms.butterphli

    look @ those skinny legs …


    Please eat something .

  • Country

    No!!! not a good look

  • Honeyb27

    Yes, the girl is thin, but she probably can’t help it. People can’t control what they are given. Smdh. BUT the girl is a supermodel so it has worked to her advantage. FYI- thin people as just as sensitive about their bodies as thick people, so ya’ll might want to keep that in mind. But anyway, does anybody else think that she favors Nia Long(in the face) in these pics?? Its the eyes, I think.

  • tb

    Wow, her legs look like toothpicks.

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