Tiger Woods’ Doctor Gets Arrested at the US/Canadian Border for Illegal Performance Enhancing Drugs

- By Bossip Staff

It seems that Tiger may have other things to worry about besides his ring of hoes. His doctor, Dr. Anthony Galea, that helped him during recovery after his knee surgery was arrested for trying to bring illegal performance enhancing drugs across the US/Canadian border. Galea has treated a number of NFL players, an Olympic swimmer and also Tiger Woods.

DAYYUMM, say it ain’t so Tiger, say it ain’t so!!! Read the rest of this entry

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  • BritChick

    LOL@pic of tiger and caption.

  • Cole Brown

    The Saga Continues…

    Now they’re gonna question if Tiger is really as good as it seems. A lot of white golfers would love to believe Tiger’s been using performance enhancers. Some have even made statements that they’re glad he’s quitting golf (which I don’t believe) or taking a break to handle his personal affairs. It gives them a chance to take a crack at winning a title. I guarantee you at least 75% of professional golfers would love to hear some scandal regarding steriods. Most are probably still pissed that he made the impact he did. Golf is not the white man’s game anymore. The face of it is Tiger, a black face. If something serious comes out he can kiss the rest of them endorsements goodbye.

    “When it Rains, It Pours,” huh Tiger. SMH.

  • memchee

    @ Cole Brown

    I’m beginning to wonder if he is naturally good at golf, given all his extra activities!

  • getting down

    You are right Rose, those “cursed leprosy skin” people think they do no wrong.

    The “cursed leprosy skin” and the lack of melon in their skin affects their brain.

  • getting down

    Anytime black people are given the opportunity to do what they want to do, they succeed and excel over and beyond anyone’s (especially the cursed leprosy skin people) expectation and beliefs.

    This has been proven over and over again, that is why crackers go out of their way to try to hinder some black people from doing anything. They also try to perpetuate a negative stereotype to make sure the public continues to fear black people and look down on them.

    If Tiger was taking steroids I wouldn’t doubt it if those jealous a.s.s. crackers will want him to give up his trophies.

  • Silent Swagg

    lol at photo!


    Awright, now it’s official. Something STINKS in Denmark. Looks like the white boys are up to their old tricks again. A Black man(?) can’t be an incredible athlete at golf. He’s gotta be on some performance enhancing drugs.

  • Wenzel Dashington

    Run Tiger. Just run.


    When they finish tearing Tiger apart, I wonder if the Asians are gonna throw him a ‘Coming Home’ Party.

  • http://www.savablogs.info Savablogs


    Interesting article about Tiger Woods and the race of his mistresses.


  • Child Please

    I hope the Asians throw him a party because he doesn’t think that he is black and not one of the women were black.

    It’s a shame when you are looking at the women’s pictures and saying to yourself, please let me see a black woman. When I didn’t see one, I stopped seeing Tiger as someone that embraces being black or the beauty of being black. Tiger can kiss my woods.

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  • scorpio

    Even money says Tiger has a lot more to hide than the affairs. Rumors of Ambien and Vicodin abuse, and now a possible link to PEDs? This boy lived a double life and is paying people to keep quiet as fast as he can. Elin is going to get whatever she wants, trust, as long as she doesn’t talk.

  • 2sweetforu

    @ Child Please

    Why do you wish to see a blk woman caught up in all this drama and plastered all over the news/internet as one of his mistresses? We get enough bad heat as it is. Just because a blk man has a preference other than blk doesn’t mean he don’t “embrace being blk or see the beauty in blk”. If you’re actually hoping for TW to have atleast 1 blk mistress then something is truly wrong with you. Let’s say he did have blk mistresses, what would everyone be saying…blk women are good enough to lay up with but not marry…would that make you happy then?

  • http://bossip mybaad

    i knew this was soon to come!!! cant hold him down with adultery.. so make ppl question his athletic ability…

    sumthing stinks around here… and it ain jus my morning breath..

  • http://blackstar69.com Peep This Crazy Video

    When is it going to stop!

  • MizASterling

    I don’t believe this for a minute.

    You know if you’re on Steriods your P E N I S don’t work.


  • Amanda

    LMAO that picture is HILARIOUS!

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