Coupled Up

- By Bossip Staff

With all of this divorce and infidelity running rampant in married couples today, it’s good to see that Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon are still holding it down. We were a little skeptical about this duo when they first started dating, but obviously they proved us wrong. That Djimon mandingo lovin’ has got your girl Kimora sprung. SMH.

The two were seen last night at the premiere of the movie “NINE” in NYC. Pop the hatch for more images…

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  • bossip you suck

    so what

  • WTF? C'Mon Son!

    IDK..maybe it’s the freak in me, but Djimon looks like he puts it down! That’s why Kimora is smiling all the time. 🙂


    He is doing something right. I have never seen her smile so much before.

  • BigD

    Funny how you don’t mention that Kimora is wearing a REAL FUR COAT! Racist bastards!

  • BapBarbie

    Great couple!!

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  • uptowngirl

    everybody love the chocolate

  • CJ

    I actually like them as a couple.. better then her and Russell actually. Djimon look like he b layin the PIPE on her cause she done settled down a bit too…

  • KeepNit2Real

    niqqa so black Kimora don’t know if she grabbing his hand or his overcoat…



    Buddy!!! You are dead wrong. It is too early in the morning! LOL!!!

  • JessanYEC


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  • MizASterling


    I Guess.

  • KeepNit2Real


    12/16/09, 10:28:am


    Buddy!!! You are dead wrong. It is too early in the morning! LOL!!!

    heh heh…hey you.

  • mzdiva


    now was that nice

    why she gotta be grabbing a coat

    maybe the dyck

  • KeepNit2Real


    12/16/09, 10:56:am


    now was that nice

    why she gotta be grabbing a coat

    maybe the dyck

    Come on now know that dude so black he make asphalt look grey…

    lol…lemme stop. They area a happy couple that’s all that matters. She smiles WAY more with him than with Russell.

    But you know that niqqa black as a mug….

  • mzdiva


    ya heard “the blacker the berry; sweeter the juice

    now come on

    let me find out you dark

    look out

  • KeepNit2Real


    naw, I’m a lightskinned dude =[

    I’m a kidder…just joking bout dudes complexion. I dated a girl who was as dark as he was…and she was VICIOUS!!

    I know it’s beauty in all colors…so don’t take me serious behbeh…lol

  • mzdiva


    just pulled my claws in


    thought I was gonna scratch and bite u up


    back on stand by

  • mzdiva

    anyway I don’t discriminate

    the lightskinned

    the darkskinned


    make ur toes curl

  • KeepNit2Real

    lol@you mzdiva

  • Samuel L. Jackson Beer

    That’s a tall bish right thurr. I bet Djimon be gettin it in every chance he gets. I know I would. Love me an amazon

  • noelle

    *bows*..Na, LOL!!!

  • mzdiva

    that’s why they call me MZDIVA

  • mzdiva

    cause it’s just you

  • Gmen

    lighter skin ppl is mixed not black, so stop dis bu11sh!t! Pls my beautiful black ppl dont lose your red\brown\Chocolate colour coz if you dont stop coming soon dark ppl will die in america just like brothers and sisters
    in South America!

    Dont be white and stop do mixed kids!

  • Gmen

    he’s black becuz he’s black lol if he be light skinned he will be FAKE!

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