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They’re back!!

“After years of inner-turmoil and label woes, Cleveland rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have reunited, with all five original group members. According to founding member Krayzie Bone, the group has made amends with estranged member Bizzy and when incarcerated group member Flesh is released next month, the group is planning a full return to the rap game.”

We’re sure true Bone Thug fans are pleased to hear this bit of news. We’ll have to wait and see if this time apart will have a negative impact on their collective skill set – so to speak.


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  • A. Make it Rayn

    1st! Much better than the New Kids on the Block reunion.

  • Ms Sharmaine

    Hell they might as well considering that music nowadays is cramp.

  • Wenzel Dashington

    Flesh is out on the first of the monnnnnth.

  • Get Off My Nuts!!!


  • Link9

    @Wenzel Dashington

    LOL! That’s a good one. Now I wish that the Original Cash Money members would do the same. I miss them so much.

  • YES

    They are my peeps….LOVE, LOVE, LOVE KRAYZIE BONE, I’ve got a place he can bury his BONE, BONE, BONE, BONE, and it’s NOT FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY…….

  • WeStKoaST

    About damn time…

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    i saw a video of Bizzy Bone on MTO…..

    >GULP< that nucca got to be on something he is way off!

    i sure hope they gets it together i liked them

    as for Flesh i forgot about him!

  • kevwebb

    Who cares???

  • Amber

    wow the whole song huh….lol



  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    LOL @ Amber

    honestly i thought one of the original 5 had died..i’m glad they’re all alive..i look forward to hearing their music

  • I'm Just Me


    Just on the side: why is Flesh-n-bone in jail so daggone much?

  • I'm Just Me

    Dear Mr. Ouija can you please tell me my future will I die of murder, will I die a bloody murder..come, come again!


  • Amber

    Hey! Cleveland stand up!

    @ Bree

    Lol naw he was in jail!

  • guilty pleasure

    Armed and dangerous….

    Ain’t too many can hang with us…..

    Straight up weed, no angel dust…..

    Label us “Notorious”…..

  • http://en.gravatar.com/avatar/522ae813d0291146b3c70cd56c2834f3?s=80&r=any NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Left hand'll lean 'em like a little past six)

    I’m Just Me….

    Thats another reason you my nerve… 😉


    yeah, all the lyrics.

  • I'm Just Me

    @ Nikki

    Holla!! Loving that ole skool bones hard body

  • Amber

    Look at all that slang! Oooh boy Cleveland got it on lock! haha

  • I'm Just Me


    We’re not against rap

    We’re not against rappers

    But we are against those thugs (thugs thugs)

    [Shatasha Williams]

    It’s the Thuggish Ruggish Bone [x4]

    [Layzie Bone]

    Your feelin’ the strength of the rump

    Step up, hear the funk of the jump that the thugstas feel

    Just be thuggin, straight buzzin, lovin yo peoples cause we so real

    Chill, better bring yo weapon, when steppin

    Bring on that ammunition, trippin’ on sip

    Not to mention, never knew no competition

    But i gotta get mine, so scream out, mo, and let me hear ya holla

    Not about that mighty dollar

    Roll with the bone, mo’ thugs will follow

    Chain gang, remains the same

    Flamin my dank and drinkin brew

    Thinkin about hangin, clockin my bank, and thuggin trues, foo’s

    [Shatasha Williams]

    It’s the Thuggish Ruggish Bone [x4]

    [Wish Bone]

    Get ready for the bone and the mo thug, bustas

    You know me as a hustla

    Try to creep and get beat, maybe six feet, peep, gotta put them under

    Straight jackets, gotta make that money, man

    It’s still the same now, bailin in my black trench vest

    You gotta be down to bang bang

    Come and get this teachin, ya soldiers how thugstas must slack

    Me drinkin me brew till me skull crack, when we on our way back

    [Shatasha Williams]

    It’s the Thuggish Ruggish Bone [x4]

    [Krayzie Bone]

    Now follow me now, roll, stroll off deep in the land

    Well, creep if you can, take another swig to the brain (whoa)

    Loc’in, steady chokin off that potent smoke

    and runnin from the po-po now

    Gotta get up with my thugstas, right turn to the double glock

    Pull to the curb, smoke with my hustlas

    Puff, puff puff to the brain shot

    Love P.O.D.ed and tweeded, gotta get another case for my trunk

    Old English, really don’t need it, but in case my trues wanna get drunk

    They pump bone, so leave ’em alone

    You don’t wanna get shut down

    Thug runnin the nine-quad,

    and you better beleive they be wantin this thug style

    So what now? see the bone thug claim,

    thug never gonna change, so flame up

    Sit back and just smoke the same cut,

    Leatherface on the creep, I came up

    [Shatasha Williams]

    It’s the Thuggish Ruggish Bone [x4]

    [Bizzy Bone]

    Gotta give it on up to the glock glock

    Pop pop, better drop when them buckshot blow

    The bone in me never no ho, so no creepin up outta the ziplock

    So sin, sip gin, and lil’ mo heart run up, nut up

    And flipped in, than slipped the clip in, mistakin’ the bloody victims

    Ever if ya test nuts, to the chest and put em to rest

    And, but I won’t test bucks, put a hole up into me vest

    And gotta get through my soul,

    but they won’t budge, mud, drug me victim

    The blood in me runnin’ my mental, the thug in me, stuck in me

    Keepin’ it simple, the bone in me runnin with thugs so

    To the temple, buck when you duck to the thuggish ruggish T’s

    St. Claire P’s to appeal to the G’s

    And a buck to all my enemies

    [Shatasha Williams]

    It’s the Thuggish Ruggish Bone [x5]

    We got Layzie and

    We got Krayzie

    Bizzy’s in the house

    Wish is in the house

    And Flesh

    And Tasha

    Cleveland’s definiteley in the house

    It’s the Thuggish Ruggish Bone [x6]

  • Keesha

    The middle one looks like a cross-dresser in this picture.

  • http://en.gravatar.com/avatar/522ae813d0291146b3c70cd56c2834f3?s=80&r=any NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Left hand'll lean 'em like a little past six)

    I’m Just Me….BFF!!!

    Why are you killin’ me?!?!

  • http://en.gravatar.com/avatar/522ae813d0291146b3c70cd56c2834f3?s=80&r=any NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Left hand'll lean 'em like a little past six)


    You late but right on time!! Im bout to mash and grab my chop call my Bae and sip some Lean…ya gig?


  • Keesha

    @ Nikki


    So basically you bout to leave, get in your car, get ur boo, and get twisted?


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