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A much-needed candid convo about racial wealth disparity is taking place tonight.

NewsOne Panel

Source: NewsOne / Via NewsOne

Our sister site NewsOne is hosting a special panel titled Business First: Dismantling the Economic Effects of Institutionalized Racism that will examine America’s history of institutionalized racism that’s had an undeniably damning effect on black households.

In this country to get to the net worth of a typical white U.S. household, you’d have to total the net worth of 11.5 black households. This wealth disparity between Black and white families is far from an accident and remains as wide today as it was in 1968.

Institutionalized racism has crippled the Black community in many ways, but one of the most detrimental was by crushing the micro economy. The lack of mid-sized businesses and systems limits job opportunities and dollars to recycle in brown spaces even with a resurgence of support for black businesses. 

This panel moderated by @NewsOne_Official’s Managing Editor, Bruce C.T. Wright @bctw will discuss how Black business owners and consumers can create and support new systems, highlight the domino effect of key discriminatory practices and how to dismantle them, and offer insights on big and small next steps.

You can watch live on tonight at 6 p.m.


NewsOne Panel

Source: NewsOne / Via NewsOne

Panelists Social tags and titles:

Shawn Rochester, Author The Black Tax, @shawn.rochester

Ash Cash, Wealth Coach, @iamashcash

Kalilah Wright, Founder, Mess in a Bottle @messinabottle @ownerofmess

Shelly Bell, Founder Black Girl Ventures: @shellybell @blackgirlventures

Moderator: Managing Editor, NewsOne, Bruce C.T. Wright @bctw

NewsOne: @newsone (twitter) @newsone_official (instagram) @newsoneofficial (facebook)



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