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Asstastic Lenonie Nicole for the prestigious Smooth Magazine F=Listed

Britney Avoids Charges Celebslam

Tuesday’s Dime Piece Lossip’s Obama-Inspired ‘Yes We Can’ Video Earns Emmy Award Livesteez

Oprah Delivers Commencement Address at Stanford Cele|bitchy

P. Diddy Gives Us Too Much Info Hollyscoop

PETA Targets Jessica Simpson I’m Not Obsessed

Katherine Heigl Carefree in a Bikini The Blemish

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  • SMDH


  • J0k3r

    This is really refreshing after seeing that “Bust It Baby” picture

  • Link9

    Lenonie Nicole is an all day banger. Yes sir! Yes sir!

  • Aunt Viv


    Puffy needs to just shut the hell up.

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Left hand'll lean 'em like a little past six)

    Aunt Viv….

    He has a SOMEWHAT point. Guys get ya groom on please dont have stinky/sweaty balls. Now for that wax game 😦

  • Link9

    To much of the pictures look airbrushed. SMH. That takes nothing away for the female, though.

  • Juicy R♥

    here we go again someone else trying to be naked to get attention!

  • african_4_eva

    I’m not trying to hate BUT….who is she? Just some girl or is she a celebrity?

  • Cage

    Her titties look dumb long…. But i’d still smash 🙂

  • I'm Just Me


    Love the new gravie of the fam….good lookin!

  • Naideen

    @ Cage

    Dumb long huh! That’s some funny ish. He he he!

  • ms braided beauty chicagos own

    Cage….. happy tuesday pa! her boobs are long b/c of the way she is posing… you are a trip! lovely family!

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    i thought this was Solange

  • chaba

    im with you bree. obama rocks


    i dont care who she is. she can get it too



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