What is Wrong With This Picture???

- By Bossip Staff

Timbaland performed at the Hard Rock cafe in Hollyweird last night doing some interesting ‘movements’. Something looks a little funny about this one, we can’t seem to put our finger on it…Perhaps you can help us out.

What’s wrong with this picture??

Peep more flicks of Timbo getting his Bobby Brown hump on, Brandy, and more once you pop it…

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  • Black_Orpheus(the original not the remake)

    Wellllll. Headbangers play “air guitar”, and old rappers hit it “air doggy style”.

  • Mimi

    1st! Gold! yayyy! Lurvee me sum B-rocka

  • Mimi

    2nd! I guess

  • nae_baybee

    jojo looks like she has to take a sh*t

  • Butterflygirl

    He should have lost weight before buffing up.

  • http://blackstar69.com Peep The Other Video Of This

    Nothing! He’s excited.

  • niki

    a giant bulge is missing


    @ Niki
    I agree!

    Also, them sweat pants have to go.


    Hes too big to be doing that!!!

  • amber

    he is wearing uggs!!!!

  • Lisa

    He’s wearing UGG BOOTS!

  • oest

    this is nothing new. he always looks like he needs to take a shit.

  • tb

    Wasn’t he just Diesel Tim the other day…? Now, he is just Fat Tim.

  • tb

    What’s wrong is this picture is the fact that Tim has grown grown man teeth yet. He still rocking baby teeth and he is in his 30’s.

  • uptowngirl

    What’s wrong with this picture is I can smell a.s.s through my screen. Yuck

  • Lets Be For Real

    U mean besides the fact that he has on house slippers and sweat pants????

    Looks like he’s about to take a dump!!!! LMFAO

  • Lets Be For Real

    LMFAO @ UptownGirl!!!!

    U too??? LOL!!!

  • JoVah

    Damn Man! Timbo is one big joker! His body is built all wrong.

  • fantasy

    He looks so disgustingly FAT!!

  • tg

    It looks like he’s jerking someone off.

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    When you take steroids and stop working out, this is what you look like. I’m sure that the tickets were free for this debacle.

  • http://YourEmergencyCash.com Jessan

    I can not find anything wrong….

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  • BritChick

    Looks like he doesnt have a willy.

  • fantasy


    12/18/09, 09:46:am

    It looks like he’s jerking someone off.

    ok that made me want to throw up!

  • nywoman23


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