Homewreckers R Us: Gabrielle Union Blogs About Chris Henry and Tiger Woods

- By Bossip Staff

Gabby decided to blog about the Chris Henry and Tiger Woods situation. She enlightens us with the same speech that she probably gives herself every morning to justify the fact that she’s a homewrecker. Guess she’s taking the approach of, “If you can’t beat em’… Join em!!!”:

Why are we all so quick to stop looking in the mirror at our own troubled lives…bad credit, lack of education or job skills, poor choices with the opposite sex, trying to live like Diddy when our homes are getting foreclosed, gossiping, jealous ranting or hating, or even not communicating with loved ones…its soooooo much easier to be obsessed with Tiger and Elin than dealing with our own troubled relationships…why get counseling for your daddy/mama/brother sister/relationship issues when we can hunt down a distraught woman and her 2 young children like animals??!! Why worry about how to pay for healthcare when we can laugh and joke about Lindsey Lohan. Journalists COULD do their jobs and sift through fact from what’s in the National Inquirer but why when it’s sooooooo much easier to print lies/half truths or straight up fairy tales to sell newspapers or magazines…forget about journalistic integrity when you’ve got to compete with the internet…who needs truth and compassion when we can’t wait for the next senseless tragedy or starlet scandal??!!

When will we come together and demand more from ourselves…more love and less hate…more fact finding than dirt digging…more lifting each other up and figuring out a way for life to improve than kicking people when they’re down…hold yourself to the same high standards we set for people on TV that we’ll never meet and don’t put food on our tables…be the person you always wanted to be…I’d like to think we were all born inherently good and on occasion make mistakes…stop looking in your neighbor’s backyard or Tigers’ or the girl who got the guy you liked or the dude who got the promotion you thought you deserved…we can only control ourselves…KEEP LOOKING IN THE MIRROR…that’s where the answers are that can truly change your life. In fact, lemme get off this damn blackberry and help my niece figure out how we’re gonna pay for college next year…tiger can’t help me with that…that’s all me 🙂 peace and love and many blessings!!!

Gabby sheds some well thought out inspiration but you can’t help but think, this is exactly how she justified her actions when everything first went down with D. Wade.


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  • Mocha

    No need to say first!lol

    But Gabby I feel you…

  • Hannibal




  • http://bossip Ms.Show-off

    Gabby it’s so the truth!…..Amen!

  • http://Bossip linda

    That picture looks super s;utty. It looks like she is about to crawl into my lap and kiss me. Anyway don’t try to distract people away from the fact you cheating with a married man. Before you picked up your pen. You should have looked in the mirrior. People need to start by taking their own advice. She used this dead mans name to tell people don’t worry about who the fuc she is sleeping with. She could have did it in her own name and on her own time. Good point Gabby my ass, you the one need to start with the hoe in the mirrior!!

  • http://Bossip hannah

    I know how does the pot tell the kettle to look in the mirrior. STFU and stay in the mirrior untill you get off that married man nuts. You have not fixed your own damn problem. So what are you doing out the mirrior hun.You should still be in the bathroom sweety looking at yourself

  • .....

    …..i can feel your heart breathe…….u take steps to test your existence…….i can feel your heart breathe……..only to realize that this abnormality is your reality…….i can feel your heart breathe……..you’ll never realize THAT even though THAT it is-was written…….THAT all THAT matters is the matter THAT u create and manipulate within your internal domain(‘s existence)……..and it is-was written…….i can feel your heart breathe…….and THAT after U, there will be no more……..i can feel your heart breathe……….

  • .....

    …..if u were air i would breathe u……….

  • ZYMD

    Did she have compassion for D Wade’s wife when she was dating him while married? Someone need to give GU a BIG mirror!

  • Just Sayin

    Gabby is my boo… For real doe…!


  • serene

    12/18/09, 17:45:pm

    Did she have comp*****ion for D Wade’s wife when she was dating him while married? Someone need to give GU a BIG mirror
    u forgot to add while the wife was pregnant….

  • me

    bad credit.. and cheating w/ 13 + women… is she retarded?

  • http://none tereana dorm

    i admire you gabby for kicken a lil knnowledge on life itself but at the same time some need to make better choices at the more important things in life i dont like to judge but with ur rep whos gonna really be intrested in how you feel about anything practice what you preach lil momma keeping unity amongst black women can always start with you despite your flaws your obviously an intelligent young lady

  • James_Wish_He_Knew_her_better

    Gabbie is on point with this one.

  • Young Obama

    Damn she looks good in the photo. Great Upgrade D.Wade!

  • carla

    Good Job Gabby!

  • Gmen


    nikka f u c k u and u ugly lightskin pig azz

  • The Truth

    I wonder what Mrs. Wade would think about what Gabby, a certified side piece, would say about all of this. She needs to not talk about looking in the mirror and high standards blah blah blah.

  • Lisa

    Just wonder how many people on her know for a FACT that Wade wasn’t already separated when they got together? What she said is so true.

  • Moreaces

    I havent read the article yet, but sista is fiiooonnn

  • ms k

    She makes a valid point.It is sad how the media use celebrities downfalls,and death as a meal ticket.I guess it’s even sadder the way those meal tickets are served to us ,and we eat it all up.Who Gabby choose to lay with have nothing to do with the fact she said a mouth full…

  • MissTea

    Stop hating on Gabby…what she is saying is truth. We all need to deal with our own ish.

    @ HannibalANYTHING FOR ATTENTION GABBY, HUH? STAY OUT OF THE SUN DARK BUTT…why are u on a black site telling a black woman to stay out the sun? Figures u wouldn’t get the message!! Ignorant a**!!

  • jinx

    Society cares because it’s still NOT acceptable to sleep with a married man. So any advice Gabby might give is null and void. Our beliefs are still guided by GOD.

    Most Americans do not support adultery. If you are a celebrity, meaning you make your living by being in the public eye, sorry..you are fair game! You do not get a pass.

  • tj

    Quick to stop. Lets think about this quick to stop. Is this possible no. That’s a mixed metaphor. And her either or argument is pathetic. The human mind is expansive- we can handle a pre-occupation with fame and Universal Health care. Its like attacking someone for using a knife and a fork at the same time. Idiot.
    I’m actually a journalists and I would like to see more digging. More fact finding. These people have called themselves to fame they are not called by God. They put themselves out there as one thing and ARE another. Of course she wants carte blanche with image construction. Celebs are public figures and as public figures many have lied to the public. That is relevant to THE PUBLIC. It is the definition of news. Sorry I’mma keep digging.

  • ratbastid

    Black bimbo.
    Love it when escape artists, rich from escapism, tell us all to stop escaping.

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