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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has inked a new book deal to dish about his experience battling the COVID-19 pandemic as it still rages on, but many aren’t feeling him capitalizing off the illness.

Gov. Cuomo

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When the novel Coronavirus initially reached the United States, the most infected state was New York– New York City, in particular.

With NYC’s transit system servicing millions of people a day and most of those people traveling back to towns and states outside of the city, it’s easy to see how quickly the virus can spread there.

The person responsible for leading the battle against COVID-19 was Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo was on television, radio, and newspapers every day guiding New Yorkers and asking for their help in stopping the spread of the virus and informing them on how they can help save lives. While being the captain of the efforts, his brother and CNN host Chris Cuomo contracted the virus and luckily, made a full recovery.

Today, we are in August, which is officially six-months after the initial outbreak. New York and NYC are slowly reopening after tackling the virus and slowing down the spread. With Cuomo handling the situation so well, many want to know how the experience was for him, also wanting to hear about all the juicy behind-the-scenes drama that comes with handling a situation as serious as COVID-19, along with details on his communications with Trump.

Unfortunately for anyone wanting those details, they will have to pay as Cuomo has inked a new deal with publisher Crown/Random House Publishing. Many are upset about the news due to the fact that the pandemic isn’t over and his story could help others battling the virus.

The book will be called “American Crisis” and is set to hit shelves on October 13th, 2020–but the monetary value, such as his advance for doing the book, is yet to be revealed. Meanwhile, you can grab a copy yourself for $30.



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