Caught Creepin’

- By Bossip Staff

A famous NBA player was spotted in NYC recently getting it in behind his wife’s back.

Pop the hatch to find out who it is…

Bossip spies have told us that Kobe Bryant was the gentleman caught creepin:

Kobe was at M2 Ultralounge (formerly Mansion) in New York Thursday night and that he took a waitress into the bathroom…

Damn didn’t he learn from the Colorado incident and all this Tiger Woods bullsh*t. SMH.

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  • rico 9

    he hasn’t stopped…most men dont.

  • Tropical English

    Oh, that incident has not stopped Kobe one bit. His wife is preggos so, we already know he’s been dippin’ Kobe is a dog. His wife needs to pull an Elin, take half and bounce.

  • 2qt4u

    Don’t be stupid twice….Have her sign documents that she will not snitch!!!

  • Noreally

    Is anyone surprised…99.9% of these athletes cheat…oh well throw him under the bus like everyone did Tiger

  • Mystic Jewlez

    Hasn’t he learned from the first becky? FTW!! He’s trying to catch another charge..

  • Stephanie

    What will he buy her now to keep her quite?

  • gcts08

    Who is to say this is true…

  • Marry a Nanny or a HS Girl = Cheat All Day, Playa

    Please – Vanessa ain’t gettin’ off that money train.

    She only got a HS diploma – what else is she gonna do?

    Like every other stupid wife that stays with a cheater – you will get cheated on AGAIN.

    Learn the lesson ladies….

  • BapBarbie

    Some men never learn!!

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    why is this such a surprise no man will have one woman thats not the way its supposed to be! remember coming to america!

  • happy to be alive

    Vanessa has a GED! If she is preggo again, I wish her Luck, that last one didn’t turn out too well, as to speak!

  • WhatAWorld

    Maybe Kobe was with his mistress chick,lol.But who cares because his wife knows he cheats on her but she never leaves.If she likes it he obviously loves it

  • 1TruDiva with the PlatinumVocals--Remembering Shaniya!!

    They need to check out the other child before they resume making more. I’m not picking on the poor baby but it’s obvious something’s not right.

  • Marquis de Sade


    Their second child was born autistic.

  • sha na na williams

    I don’t believe it!
    wife will always stay down she don’t trip off the rumors.
    who cares

  • sha na na williams

    let’s talk about his success, and how los angeles will be getting it in on another championship.
    when people slander rumors they need to back it up with facts. no harm no foul she probably was escorting him to the nearest restroom.
    assumption makes asses out of insecure people.
    rumors be so foul sometimes it will have people not believein in love!
    If you have faith in your spouse talk becomes cheap Vanessa aian’t worried it seems

  • YNV Me

    damn…i didn’t know that second child was austistic 😦

    I also think kobe is going to leave her when is career is over (u know kinda like what Jordon did?)…that’s gonna take a minute but i do believe that’s what’s going down….but UNTIL THEN….he better be cool!

  • WordtotheWise

    Sorry. No sources (even anonymously) revealed, so I need more before I believe it.

  • Ya Mamie


  • chill brutha

    hope it aint true … smh

  • devil's advocate

    women just have to learn to deal with the fact that if your married to a rich and successful man, chances r ur gonna get cheated on…they don’t realize that along with the money and all the perks comes a lot of time away from home, and during that time they’re tempted by a lot of other women…now if ur man spends more time on the road than @ home, what do u think he’s gonna do when the urge hits him?

    bottom line, if yall gold diggers wanna baller who earns his money legit, cheating comes with the territory…either do your thing on the side as well, or sit @ home and play housewife.

  • B3 Fearless

    unfortunately devil’s advocate is right about the athlete’s cheating part. I think it’s naive for ppl to think that these married athletes are not going to cheat when they are away more than they are at home.

    As for this article I need more than just one line to believe this. Although I’m sure Kobe hasn’t changed his ways. He’s just been smarter about hiding it.

    I think Tiger’s scandal is just going to make married athlete’s try to be smarter about keeping their discretions on the low, not eliminate them altogether, unfortunately.

  • white male

    Why would Kobe go to a nightclub on the road unless he was going to smash someone?

  • ZYXW

    Don’t believe it!

  • Ms_NYC

    He never stopped. He was in Boston doing the same sh*t. Gettin a$$ from a butterface bartender who was surprise…white…

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