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Today, Cari Champion and Jemele Hill will premiere their brand new VICE show Stick To Sports at 10pm EST. We’re hard-pressed to find another program that centers two prominent Black women who give us the real talk we deserve. Stick To Sports is obviously a reverse troll to the MAGAs, misogynistic miscreants, and malevolent mayo jars who take bigoted delight in telling women, especially these Black women, to “know their role and shut their mouth”. Well, Cari and Jemele know their role, it’s to go on TV, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, movies, Twitter and Instagram to speak truth to power. Shutting their mouth just isn’t an option. The ladies make that very clear in their exclusive 30-minute interview with BOSSIP Associate Editor Jason “Jah” Lee.

BOSSIP was fortunate enough to get some of Cari and Jemele’s time prior to their big debut to talk about the evolution of the show title, the importance of this time of consciousness in America, and how their work and trustworthiness landed them the biggest fish in the NBA, LeBron James, as their very first guest. In addition to King James, Jemele and Cari will also be joined by Cori Bush who recently won a historic election in Ferguson, Missouri to become the first Black woman to win a congressional seat in that district. And if that isn’t enough the round mound of rebound Charles Barkley will also make an appearance on the big premiere.

In our near-30-minute chat with the former ESPN personalities, we chop it up about how Stick To Sports originally had another name, the importance of taking advantage of this revolutionary moment in American history, and their perspective on the Black conservatives who constantly have something negative to say about their own people. To that end, Cari Champion is in rare form when talking specifically about her former ESPN colleague Sage Steele who recently bemoaned the fact that she wasn’t invited to “the cool kids table” when plans were made to address the social uprising in America. Wonder why that is… We’ve long been a fan of Cari’s but she held absolutely NO punches when it came to addressing and verbally undressing persona non grata Sage and we love her more than ever for it.

Press play up top to watch the interview then set a reminder to watch Cari & Jemele Stick To Sports on VICE at 10pm EST!


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