Newest Swirl Couple of the Moment: Kid Cudi is Choppin’ Down Model Chick Jamie Baratta

- By Bossip Staff

They say the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree and Kid Cudi is definitely following in the footsteps of his boss/mentor, Yeezy. Cudi hosted a party at LAVO in Vegas the other night with a little snow bunny on his arm. We always knew he had it in him!!!

So-called Model chick, Jamie Baratta was holding Cudi’s hand extra tight when they hit the red carpet. Uh-OH, Jamie… Your secret is out, don’t look shy now. They say she’s a model but we googled her and found NOTHING!!!

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  • Nino Brown


  • Miss♥Grant

    probably just a jump off.. but who cares

  • Angee

    Dude needs some carmex!

  • Daywalker(The Daydream!!!!)


  • Honey (Keep Me Near the Cross...LOL)

    @ Angee

    I was thinking the same thing…LOL!

  • Gmen

    lol but dat b i t c h ugly as f u c k

  • LaSa

    She is way cute

  • JC 'o Bklyn

    @ least Cudi’s jump off beats all of Tiger’s jump offs combined.

  • SLAM

    shes def spanish. go cudder. you got a hottie. at least she isnt acting like a camera feen the way amber was at first.

  • a black man ..

    i bet these people that hate on drake and kid cudi are from down south . stick to listening to gucci.


    They have dope style together

  • Britchick91!


  • Hopesta!

    You the man Cudi

  • YIZO


  • Kia

    Beautiful? Nah, she’s ok. Fine? Where? She’s shapeless…a pole from head to toe.

  • GotYou

    My computer must be broken because neither of those are attractive people. But different strokes for more unattractive folks.

  • Mmk...

    @ a black man.
    Wtf are you talking about???? I stay down south…Drake is all folks listen to here. As for Kid Cudi…plenty of pple in FL listen to dude. I happen to be a fan.

    Chick needs a comb ran through her head. I’ve seen other pics of her…She’s cute. But this pic don’t do her justice. And he’s Mexican…so there’s not much of a swirl goin on here lol.

  • Nino Brown


    You sound like a hater. You must be fat.

  • Sydney™

    Brittany Murphy, the actress, reportedly died. . .

  • I miss Dani!

    I seen her on Dj Cassidy’s blog. She is ANTM Danielle Evan’s BFF. I love Dani! Where is she?!!!!



    R.I.P-Brittany Murphy

  • SMH

    who gives a f*ck? Next!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WhatAWorld

    Personally I feel sorry for the woman since he seems to have an anger problem!

  • Kia

    Yes Nino. I’m fat. My opinion has nothing to do with honesty. Where is the fine on this pole…I mean girl btw?


    lol WhatAWorld thats the dumbest comment I ever heard. Go to sleep.

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